DIV18/15: Simpler Sustainable Dishwashing With Professional Results (8 August 2018)

Issue Date: 8 August 2018
Ref: DIV18/15


Simpler Sustainable Dishwashing With Professional Results
New Sun 2in1 for independent restaurants, hotels and care homes

New Sun 2in1 dishwashing liquid makes it simpler to deliver the consistent shine, sparkle and hygiene that busy independent businesses need to make a great impression on their guests and customers. Its unique combination of detergent and rinse-aid simplifies and reduces the cost of running commercial short cycle machines including front-loading and hooded models found in independent hotels, restaurants and care homes. This innovative product has EU Ecolabel certification to help businesses adopt and promote sustainable practices. It is part of Diversey’s Pro Formula range that offers a complete set of professional cleaning products in familiar and trusted brands.

Commercial glass and dish washers used in restaurants, hotels and care homes generally operate with shorter cycles and higher temperatures than domestic appliances. This is because busy businesses need to clean crockery, cutlery and glassware more quickly. The majority of these machines need a liquid detergent to clean the items and liquid rinse-aid to aid drying and avoid streaks. These are added separately but this adds complexity and cost because two products are always needed. It also adds the risk of inconsistency if the wrong amount is used and the chance that one or other could run out. 

Sun 2in1 avoids these limitations with its unique liquid formulation containing detergent and rinse in the right proportions to deliver consistent and excellent results every wash cycle. Its advanced cleaning performance removes stubborn food deposits and leaves items clean, sparkling and streak-free so they can be reused straight away. Research commissioned by Diversey showed that the cleanliness of cutlery and crockery were among the main concerns of diners when deciding where to eat and when making reviews, recommendations and repeat bookings.

The cost-per-wash is reduced when using Sun 2in1 rather than separate products. It saves time and removes complexity because the machine only needs filling once. There is no risk of forgetting to use or running out of either product which avoids poor results and costly and time-consuming rewashes. Running costs are minimised because there is no wastage and greater consistency of results.

Packaging is reduced when sourcing a single product which promotes sustainability and simplifies waste management. Sun 2in1 goes further because it has been independently certified to the popular EU Ecolabel standard. This means it meets demanding sustainability criteria covering its ingredients, packaging and manufacturing process. Adopting EU Ecolabel products helps businesses demonstrate that they employ sustainable processes.
Purchasing, handling and storage costs are also reduced when buying one product instead of two. This can also free up valuable space in often confined kitchens and bars. Compliance, training and implementation costs are reduced because users only need learn about one product.

Diversey’s Pro Formula range is a full set of easy-to-use cleaning products that meets demand from small to medium size businesses to complete routine tasks quickly and economically with excellent results. The range combines professional formulations from Diversey with trusted brands from Unilever including Persil, Cif, Comfort, Domestos, and Sun. 

See www.proformulabydiversey.com for more information.