DIV18/18: Sustainable Floor Cleaning With Water Alone (4 October 2018)

Issue Date: 4 October 2018
Ref: DIV18/18


Sustainable Floor Cleaning With Water Alone

Cleaning teams can make their floor care operations more sustainable by using machines with pads made from recycled materials that offer excellent results with water alone. To meet these demands Diversey offers the Twister by Diversey and TASKI Americo pad ranges, both made from 100 per cent recycled PET plastics, for use with its advanced TASKI swingo scrubber driers and rotary-disc machines. Each pad contains the recycled PET fibres from just over two and a half recycled plastic water bottles.

Twister by Diversey is an innovative set of thirteen floor care pads made from recycled PET impregnated with billions of microscopic diamonds. Pads for different applications are manufactured by changing the size and combination of the microscopic diamonds. This ensures the pads are less abrasive than the corresponding conventional alternative which helps to protect the floor while giving a smoother and improved appearance. Moreover, the resulting micro-polished finish of the floor is more resistant to soiling.

The pads can be used with water alone, last three times longer than traditional products, and significantly reduce the need for periodic maintenance, all of which improves sustainability and reduces the overall cost. Used this way these pads reduce chemical usage by 100%, floor pad costs by 66%, and weight of consumables by 98% (which also saves transport and handling) compared with traditional products. Working without chemicals also simplifies cleaning processes, creates a healthier environment for cleaners and bystanders, and reduces routine machine maintenance burdens.
Twister by Diversey is ideal for daily maintenance to clean and polish unprotected stone floors. There are different pads in the range almost every type of hard floor. Using just four in sequence - red, white, yellow, green - on old, dull and worn floors can rejuvenate and transform floors with clean, uniform, shiny and polished results. The diamond impregnated side of the pad is coloured and works as a wear indicator.

As an alternative to Twister by Diversey, the TASKI Americo range comprises a complete set of pads for every floor cleaning and maintenance application from aggressive stripping to gentle polishing. These pads also promote sustainability because they are designed to be used without harsh chemicals.

Manufacturing and delivery of the pads is also optimised for enhanced sustainability. The machinery used to make them is more than 30 per cent more energy efficient than older equipment. In-house water treatment and recycling has reduced water consumption by 83 per cent. The packaging for the pads contains at least 45 per cent recycled materials.

For the very best results and sustainability both pad ranges are ideally used with TASKI’s range of scrubber driers and rotary-disc machines which themselves are designed to use less energy, water and product than traditional machines. For example, many TASKI machines are certified under the UK government’s Water Technology List which shows they successfully meet stringent sustainability criteria and use less water. This means they qualify for an Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) so that customers can claim 100 per cent of the cost against their tax during the same year.