Certified Trusted Brand Disinfection

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Certified Trusted Brand Disinfection
New Pro Formula Products Effective Against Enveloped Viruses

Independent food service and hospitality businesses need enhanced disinfection capabilities from their everyday cleaning products to offer greater protection against the coronavirus that causes Covid-19 and reassure their customers and guests. New Cif Alcohol Plus surface disinfectant and Cif 4in1 Washroom Cleaner in the Pro Formula range are both HACCP-approved and certified to the international EN14476 virucidal and EN1276 bactericidal standards. This means these new formulations in well-known trusted brands meet the same rigorous standards required for disinfectants in healthcare and commercial settings. Products that meet the EN14476 standard are effective against a wide range of viruses including enveloped viruses, the type that causes Covid-19.

“Customers and guests are always reassured by good cleaning and hygiene but during the pandemic they want even more confidence that the products being used offer the highest levels of disinfection protection,” says Kelly Brodie, Consumer Brands Marketing Manager at Diversey, UK & Ireland. “Unlike many alternatives these new products meet demanding regulations and standards and carry well-known distinctive branding to provide that reassurance. The benefits of using professional formulations are really clear.”

The new products offer independent businesses additional professional-level disinfection capabilities to complement or replace existing food safety, washroom hygiene, and general cleaning processes. The distinctive pack design incorporates the trusted brand product names, a highly visible protective shield device with the virus and bacteria kill claim, and icons carrying the EN14476 and EN1276 numbers. The ready-to-use spray-bottle format means the products can be used wherever and whenever needed to make cleaning convenient and highly visible to customers and guests.

Cif Alcohol Plus is an alcohol-based surface disinfectant spray that is certified to the EN1276 bactericidal and EN14476 virucidal standards. It kills 99.99 per cent of viruses in 60 seconds and 99.999 per cent of bacteria, yeasts, and fungi in 15 seconds. It is HACCP approved, perfume-free and suitable for all types of hard surfaces including kitchen utensils, chrome, and stainless steel. It evaporates completely, leaves no residues, and needs no rinsing.

Cif 4in1 Washroom Cleaner combines disinfectant, detergent, descaler, and deodoriser in a single product that also meets the EN1276 bactericidal and EN14476 virucidal standards. It kills 99.99 per cent of enveloped viruses (including coronaviruses) in 60 seconds and 99.999 per cent of bacteria, yeasts, and fungi in five minutes. It is HACCP approved and can be used on all hard surfaces found in bathrooms and washrooms, including showers, baths, sinks, and chrome fittings. The product incorporates patented Odour Neutralising Technology (ONT) that chemically inactivates the molecules that cause bad smells.

Support for Cif Alcohol Plus and Cif 4in1 Washroom Cleaner includes a unique set of online and offline user guides, wall charts, videos, training aids, compliance documentation, cleaning advice and other content. The latest addition to this is a complete set of cleaning guides and other information designed to help businesses reopening after lockdown. This can be viewed and downloaded from the dedicated www.proformula.com website.

Cif Alcohol Plus and Cif 4in1 Washroom Cleaner are part of the Pro Formula range. These easy-to-use cleaning products meet demand from small to medium size businesses to complete routine and common problem-solving tasks quickly and economically with excellent results. The range combines professional formulations from Diversey with trusted brands from Unilever including Persil, Cif, Comfort, Domestos, and Sun. These have been developed by combining the insight, understanding and expertise of these respective industry leaders gained over decades of delivering highly effective cleaning and hygiene solutions. The result is an integrated and complementary set of products that meets the majority of any smaller business’s requirements. 
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Unilever and Diversey come together to bring you the best of both worlds, Unilever brands paired with Pro Formula, helping you get ready for business.

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