New Balimat Range Sweeps in With High Performance - Five Models for Applications of All Sizes

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The latest balimat range of high-performance sweepers from TASKI offers users new levels of productivity and efficiency with their advanced design and innovative features. The five models in the range enable mechanical cleaning that is more efficient and delivers better results in less time than manual cleaning. They are ideal for all types of indoor and outdoor application from the smallest floors to the largest areas found in travel hubs, shopping malls, hotels and conference centres, leisure and sporting facilities, hospitals, warehouses, and similar settings.

Each model incorporates TASKI’s patented Tandem Roller System (TRS) which is designed to give a perfect sweeping result. Twin roller brushes direct dust and debris efficiently into the centre where it is swept into the machine’s hopper. The range promotes productivity with each model offering a wider working width and larger hopper than comparable previous-generation machines. This means they can cover larger areas more quickly with longer intervals between emptying. 

The balimat 45 is a lightweight and highly manoeuvrable manual sweeper for smaller outdoor or indoor areas such as entrances and building perimeters. It needs no power or batteries which means it can be used whenever needed for routine tasks and dealing with unforeseen debris.

The balimat 2300 is a small and compact walk-behind battery sweeper for flexible everyday use. Its low body height means it can be used easily and efficiently in confined and congested areas. It can sweep up to 2300m2 each hour and run for up to three hours between charges. The balimat 3300 is a walk-behind battery powered sweeper for larger areas, covering up to 3300 m2 and hour and running for 3.5 hours between charges.

The ride-on balimat 6500 sweeper is the largest model in the range. It can cover up to 6500m2 an hour and operate for up to 3.5 hours between charges for maximum performance and efficiency in the largest areas. An HD version incorporates a hydraulically activated hopper that offers additional convenience and productivity by removing the need to empty the machine by hand.

The battery powered models in the range all feature simple controls and intuitive dashboards that make them easy to learn and use. The batteries offer long run times between charges for maximum availability during the day for excellent productivity. Advanced battery and charger technology combine to ensure fast and energy-efficient recharging to minimise operating costs and maintain machine availability during the working day.

Like all machines in the extended TASKI range, the balimat sweepers are designed to be easy to maintain and service. The brushes can be adjusted without tools, enabling users to set them for optimum performance at any time. All daily check and routine service points are easily accessible and coloured bright yellow for simple identification. This encourages users carry to out the routine checks that help keep the machines in ideal condition for long term performance and reliability.