DIV17/44: TASKI’s Silent Vacuum Revolution Targets New Heights of Efficiency (27 September 2017)

Issue Date: 27 September 2017
Ref: DIV17/44


TASKI’s Silent Vacuum Revolution Targets New Heights of Efficiency

Diversey is launching the new TASKI AERO tub vacuum cleaner range into the professional cleaning market. Combining patented ultra-silent, whisper technology with an advanced selection of features, the AERO aims to deliver the highest standard of cleaning quality and operational efficiency.

The new range consists of four streamlined and agile models which satisfy the rigorous requirements of frequent professional cleaning at any time, and in any environment - significantly increasing the productivity of operators. The TASKI AERO vacuum range is designed to answer industry demands for the most competitive total cost of ownership package available.

The TASKI AERO range offers a powerful combination of innovation and rugged functionality. Developed from an extensive process of evaluation and customer consultation, all features are based on reliable, tried and trusted technologies. Highly adaptable to meet the needs of individual customers, the AERO is the best product fit throughout the private and public sectors; for building service and government contractors; as well as for those involved in hospitality and healthcare.

The AERO 8 and the AERO15 categories - which have eight and fifteen litre tank capacities respectively – both offer a mid-class and a performance model. The TASKI AERO 8 and 15 MID-class models, are compact and modular, robust and highly-efficient, providing long life in regular use. 

Extremely reliable, they each have a 585W state-of-the-art vacuum motor which provides the same cleaning performance as comparable vacuums with 1000W of power, or more. The power is delivered via an ingenious airflow system - including TASKI’S patented whisper technology - which together make the AERO exceptionally quiet to operate at any time of the day or night, with a peak noise rating of 66 decibels.

The TASKI AERO is a market leader in ergonomic design, offering a number of features, such as a foot pedal switch and a high-quality accessory set as standard. Its clever design ensures that replacing parts - such as cables and filters - is quick and easy, and can be carried out by the user in seconds without the need for any tools. The compact design makes it efficient for storage in small spaces or cupboards. The integrated handle also makes it very easy to carry, while doubling as a simple and convenient manual cable tidy.

The TASKI AERO 8 and 15 PLUS models provide all of the distinctive features common to the mid-class models. However, they also offer extra features for unrivalled efficiency and ease of use. The mix of integrated cable winding, full dust bag indicator and eco mode guarantees highly productive operation. 

With the Eco mode button employed the noise emission can achieve a reading below 63db. This is a striking benefit when a reduction of 10db is equivalent to a 50% lower noise recognition level for the human ear; making the Aero especially advantageous in public areas, or for day cleaning in an office environment.

The TASKI AERO has a high energy rating (A+) and with one push of the eco button is capable of reducing energy consumption by 50% to 300W which - along with reductions in CO2 emissions - gives the AERO high sustainability. These and the significant energy cost savings are all achieved without any compromise on the vacuum’s outstanding cleaning efficiency.

“The new TASKI tub vacuum offers a comprehensive solution to the professional user, developed from TASKI’s 60 years of experience in superior vacuum cleaner manufacturing. The whole design of the AERO is based on daily best practice in cleaning and offers new possibilities due to the intelligent technologies,” says Marcel Muller, Portfolio Manager Machines at Diversey. 

“The new TASKI AERO is a revolutionary premium performer. Our patented whisper technology delivers ‘the power of a silent hurricane’ straight into the hands of the customer, enabling the best cleaning result at every occasion to create a new standard for the professional cleaning market.”