DIV17/19: Carry Tray For Cleaning Convenience (14 June 2017)

Issue Date: 14 June 2017
Ref: DIV17/19

Carry Tray For Cleaning Convenience
Ideal for small areas including hotel rooms

The new Diversey Carry Tray from Diversey Care is an ergonomic caddy for convenient and efficient transportation of cleaning products and equipment. It can carry up to five bottles of room care or building care products which makes it ideal for cleaning hotel rooms and other small areas. A sixth compartment contains a unique new removable toilet brush holder that eliminates drips and splash back for safe transportation during toilet bowl cleaning.

Removable extensions can be attached to either end of the carry tray to handle additional tools such as sponges and microfibre cloths or to segregate clean and soiled textiles.

The Carry Tray handle has been ergonomically designed with lightweight materials for comfortable transportation, even when fully equipped. The tall, extended position ensures there is reduced risk of hand contact with product bottles. The grip is also textured for increased comfort.

The smooth curved edges of the tray ensure there are no sharp edges and it is easy to clean after use. The design also ensures dirt traps are kept to a minimum. Major components including the multipurpose bottle holder and extensions are removable for simpler cleaning and storage.

The Diversey Carry Tray is manufactured from durable 100 per cent recycled materials which reduces waste production, improves product lifecycle and enhances sustainability.