DIV17/04: Battery Power Ensures Compact Floorcare Autonomy (26 April 2017)

Issue Date: 26 April 2017
Ref: DIV17/04

Battery Power Ensures Compact Floorcare Autonomy 
New TASKI swingo 150B ideal for smaller areas

The new TASKI swingo 150B scrubber drier from Diversey Care is a high-performance battery-powered machine that is ideal for cleaning small floors quickly and efficiently without the restriction and potential hazards of a mains cable. It is particularly suitable for opportunity and daytime cleaning in shops, restaurants, washrooms, hotels, care homes, offices and schools where its autonomy allows it to be used whenever and wherever required with optimum safety.

The machine’s high-efficiency powerful Lithium-Ion battery provides enough power for 20 minutes of continuous cleaning. It can be replaced quickly with a fully-charged unit whenever needed to support ongoing cleaning or fully recharged in-situ in just 90 minutes. The battery also supports short-period opportunity or top-up charging during breaks or when the user is completing other tasks. In the majority of applications this ensures the machine is effectively available whenever needed.

The TASKI swingo 150B is the smallest battery powered machine in the extensive TASKI range. Its introduction means that Diversey Care now offers battery-powered machines of all sizes so that operators can specify their machine fleets with complete flexibility. With no need for access to mains power sockets, battery powered machines can be used in any part of a building without limitations. The absence of a power cable also eliminates a potential trip hazard from the working area.

The new battery powered machine incorporates the superior cleaning features and benefits of the mains-powered version that has proved successful since its introduction earlier this decade. Like other TASKI scrubber driers it delivers the highest possible cleaning and hygiene performance and promotes safety by removing up to 99 per cent of the water and cleaning solution from the floor so that busy areas can be used immediately with reduced risk of slip-fall accidents.

The compact, upright design takes up less room than other types of scrubber drier and it presents an effective and high performance alternative to conventional mop and bucket cleaning. In addition to general cleaning it is ideal for cleaning spillages and dirty spots which makes it suitable for emergencies and day-time cleaning. It can be used on all type of hard floors in confined and busy public areas such as shops, restaurants, washrooms, hotels, care homes, offices and schools. Its low-profile design ensures it can work in confined spaces and underneath furniture such as tables and chairs.

The suction and recovery tanks are integrated in one unique container which can be removed quickly and easily for draining and refilling. This innovative tank design also includes a dosing aid that ensures the correct solution is prepared every time with Diversey Care’s range of concentrated products for the best possible floor cleaning results and consistency. It also helps to ensure the machine uses 50 per cent less water and chemicals than mop and bucket cleaning, helping to supporting operators’ sustainability objectives.

The machine’s innovative suction unit ensures great drying results and removes up 99 per cent of water whereas manual cleaning methods such as mopping leave around 40 per cent of water and cleaning solution on the floor. This means areas cleaned with the scrubber drier can be used immediately and there is no re-soiling by people walking on floors that are still wet. Safety is also significantly improved by reducing the risk of slip falls caused by wet or dirty floors.

The highly efficient mechanical scrubbing action delivers superior and consistent cleaning results while the compact size of the machine and the exceptionally low profile brush head promotes easy access around, between and underneath awkward areas. Increased brush pressure ensures maximum soil removal on every pass for the best cleaning results and highest hygiene standards.

The machine is ergonomic and simple to operate which means it is less tiring for cleaning staff. A light weight of just 11.9kg and vertical design mean the TASKI swingo 150B is as easy to use as an upright vacuum cleaner. It can be carried easily, fits effortlessly into almost any storage area and can be transported in cars. Like other TASKI machines, all routine service points are coloured yellow for easy identification and readily accessible to encourage compliance with regular checks and maintenance tasks.