DIV19/05: Complete Cleaning Solutions (18 September 2019)

Issue Date: 18 September 2019
Ref: DIV19/05


Complete Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning teams continue to face incredible pressure to deliver excellent results while introducing innovations, adding value, improving productivity and promoting sustainability without adding to costs. That can be a difficult set of criteria to achieve but Diversey offers support with its unique ability to provide a complete set of products, tools, machines and services for every aspect of a customer’s cleaning operation from a single source.

As a market leader, the company works with customers to devise, configure and implement fully-integrated solutions that are fine-tuned to business and operational requirements and deliver enhanced performance and value. The concept of a total solution from a single vendor is not new but it does require that suppliers adapt to business and regulatory pressures and take advantage of new technologies.

Sourcing from a single supplier offers a number of benefits for customers. Contract configuration and procurement processes are simpler because there fewer suppliers with whom to meet and negotiate. While this is self-evident many customers under-estimate the time and resources that can be involved with setting up major contracts.

Similar benefits arise during contract implementation because areas such as supply chains, training and compliance are less complex when dealing with fewer suppliers. While this can promote higher standards and greater consistency with reduced risk of incorrect deliveries it also means shorter and quicker communications channels should any issues arise. This is also the reason why support is usually simplified: there is less risk of being passed from one supplier to another when the underlying issue is unclear. Instead, the integrated supplier offers a single point of contact.

For their part, by offering an integrated solution selected from a wide set of products suppliers can ensure everything is designed and configured to work together seamlessly and offer the maximum benefit in terms of performance, innovation, cost-control or any other criteria the customer specifies. Diversey commits considerable investment and resources to developing and supporting its products. With approximately 8,600 employees across 175 countries and 180 dedicated researchers in 20 advanced facilities, the company offers unrivalled documentation, technical support, applications expertise and insight that helps customers achieve the best possible outcomes.

Integration is about more than simply making existing products work with one another. Innovation is a key requirement in many cleaning operations because it can support other objectives such as improving results or reducing costs. Diversey’s approach is to introduce innovations and unique technologies across its portfolio to ensure its customers can benefit from new ways of working while still dealing with a single market-leading supplier. In this way they and their customers can then create highly focused solutions by choosing the very best products for the specific application and contract. The alternative, of customers selecting different products from multiple suppliers, can lead to the complexity and resultant drawbacks previously mentioned.

Recent innovations from Diversey include: the latest-generation TASKI swingobot 2000 robotic floor cleaning machine; Twister by Diversey diamond-impregnated floorcare pads for use with TASKI floorcare machines and water alone; the IntelliCare hand care system with unique wall-mounted dispenser, the industry’s first automatic hybrid design with touchless and manual activation; Moonbeam3 UV-C disinfection for healthcare settings; the TASKI aero tub and backpack vacuum cleaners, among the quietest and most energy-efficient commercial machines on the market. Diversey has also added new Internet of Clean services such as IntelliLinen for laundries and IntelliDish for mechanical warewashing to build on its already extensive capabilities in this growing area. Cloud-connected services like these are increasingly being used to introduce new levels of insight, management and control to deliver improved performance and reduced costs.

All of these, and other new products, add to the company’s portfolio and its ability to offer choices to customers that enhance the performance and outcome of cleaning operations while also strengthening their ability to win bids and secure new business.