DIV19/22: Floorcare Innovations for Cleaning Teams (15 January 2020)

Issue Date: 15 January 2020
Ref: DIV19/22

Floorcare Innovations for Cleaning Teams

Efficient and effective floorcare is at the heart of many building care operations and Diversey offers contract cleaning teams more choice to support integrated solutions with its extensive range of TASKI scrubber driers, vacuum cleaners, rotary disc machines and related innovations.

The scrubber drier is the workhorse of many cleaning operations and, with its extensive and advanced range of TASKI scrubber driers, Diversey offers one of the biggest choices in the market. The 20 models in the range extend from compact uprights for confined areas to the large ride-on machines for expansive spaces. This makes it easier to match the performance of a machine to the application requirements with fewer restrictions. These machines are all supported with technical, application and maintenance expertise from one of the world leaders in cleaning and hygiene. Moreover, offering a larger range helps ensure the needs of larger fleet operators can be met from a single source which can simplify pre- and post-sales support and enable greater deployment flexibility.

TASKI floorcare machines - including scrubber driers and rotary disc models - can be used with a wide range of cleaning products, pads or brushes. This choice ensures cleaning teams can clean all major hard flooring types with the desired finish. Diversey can advise on the right products, pads and brushes for any machine or flooring type. Many operators are choosing to run their machines with advanced pads, such as the diamond-impregnated Twister by Diversey. These innovative pads can be used on various types of hard flooring with water alone for reduced long-term costs and enhanced sustainability. 

The latest generation of robotic scrubber driers is typified by Diversey’s TASKI swingobot 2000 model. This advanced machine operates autonomously and with minimal supervision to free operatives from laborious floor cleaning so that they can focus on value added and profit-generating duties instead. The emergence of these robotic floorcare machines means that cleaning teams have even more choice for this most vital of building care tasks.

Diversey has also introduced innovations to its extensive vacuum cleaner range. The TASKI AERO tub vacuum cleaner, for example, is believed to be the quietest and most energy-efficient machine currently available on the professional cleaning market. The four models in the range produce only 53dB(A) of sound and utilise just 585W of electrical power in standard mode yet produce as much cleaning suction as machines rated at 1000W or more. In “eco” mode they produce just 50dB(A) and consume a mere 295W. On energy savings alone, they can pay for themselves in under three years. The range meets demand for vacuums that comply with the stringent sound and energy limits specified in EU Regulations EU665/2013 and EU666/2013, in force since September 2017.

The new TASKI AERO BACKPACK vacuum cleaner can be carried comfortably as a portable electric model but is also available in a battery powered version for the ultimate in agility and convenience. Its unique 3-in-1 capability allows it to be used as a backpack vacuum, tub vacuum or as a blower. 

The compact portable design makes the TASKI AERO BP ideal for cleaning areas that are difficult to access with a conventional equipment. These include busy entrances and congested schools, stairwells, office buildings or public transport. The battery model offers ultimate performance in high circulation areas, or anywhere the presence of the public makes safety a priority, because there are no trailing power leads.

The TASKI AERO BP is among the lightest backpack vacuums: the electric version weighs 4.7kg and the battery version 5.3kg. The TASKI AERO BP Lithium model can be fully recharged in as little as 90 minutes and has a runtime of 30 minutes. This effectively means it offers limitless autonomy. The electric version has an A-rated energy classification.

TASKI floorcare machines offer contract cleaning teams the performance, value and sustainability to create productive and profitable solutions. To find out more, visit www.diversey.com