DIV19/10: Surface Disinfection in Healthcare (27 November 2019)

Issue Date: 27 November 2019
Ref: DIV19/10


Surface Disinfection in Healthcare

The link between surface disinfection, hand hygiene and the spread of infections in hospitals and care facilities is established and understood. Studies suggest around 80 per cent of all infectious diseases – including Influenza and the common cold - are spread by touch. Until recently, cleaning teams had a relatively narrow choice of products for surface disinfection. But innovative products and technologies have broadened their options to configure highly effective infection prevention solutions.

Products in Diversey’s Oxivir range contain patented Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide (AHP) as the active ingredient. They deliver fast-acting, broad-spectrum surface disinfection against a wide range of pathogens including bacteria, viruses, yeasts and spores. AHP is a combination of commonly used, safe ingredients and low levels of hydrogen peroxide which dramatically increases potency and cleaning performance.

Oxivir Excel is a one-step cleaner-disinfectant which can replace general surface cleaning products for daily tasks to provide affordable ongoing infection protection. It has powerful surfactants which make it an excellent cleaner as well as assisting with limescale limitation in hard water areas. It is fully bactericidal against multi-drug resistant organisms (MDROs) including MRSA, VRE and CRE. It is also fully viricidal against non-enveloped and enveloped viruses such as Norovirus, Influenza and HIV in 30 seconds. It is yeasticidal against Candida albicans. Non-classified, it is safe to use around patients and will not damage surfaces. Oxivir Excel is available as a ready-to-use foam for ease of use), five litre concentrate for optimum cost in use or pre-wetted wipes for high-touch areas.

Oxivir Sporicide is a ready-to-use one step hospital-grade, cleaner-disinfectant with excellent response against hard-to-kill pathogens such as C. diff, Bacillus subtilis and other MDROs in 60 seconds. Despite this efficacy its “irritant” classification is much lower than traditional alternatives.

Diversey also offers the Oxivir Spill Kit for acting quickly to contain and remove body spillages.

AHP breaks down to water and oxygen shortly after use without leaving residues or stains or producing any potential respiratory irritants. These attributes, and their overall infection-prevention performance, make Oxivir products a highly effective alternative to traditional chlorine- and quat-based formulations.

Moonbeam3 from Diversey delivers powerful UV-C light to provide fast broad area disinfection of high-touch surfaces in as little as three minutes. This is much faster than fogging and almost twice as effective as traditional cleaning and disinfection alone in destroying the pathogens that cause healthcare associated infections (HAIs).

UV-C penetrates and destroys the DNA in the cells of pathogens such as viruses, bacteria and spores which stops them multiplying and causing infections. This means Moonbeam3 offers facilities a completely hands, chemical and fume-free way to complement existing processes with safer high-performance disinfection. The device is ideal for surfaces accidentally missed during regular cleaning and for frequently-touched, hard-to-clean surfaces and intricate equipment. It can be used in patient rooms, operating theatres and bathrooms and on patient care equipment, keyboards, monitors, and workstations.

Moonbeam is quick and easy to use with push-button activation and short operating cycles. Its three articulating, light-producing arms can be positioned independently to target light efficiently and closely onto surfaces to be disinfected. This unique design allows it to be used in more places, while its high-efficiency dosing increases disinfection speed which reduces labour and operating costs. Periodic maintenance is limited to bulb replacement, with no tools required.

Diversey complements its surface disinfection capabilities with a complete range of products to help maximise hand hygiene availability and convenience, including the new IntelliCare system. The dispenser can be used with a wide range of hand care products – soaps, sanitisers and creams – so that operators can choose the one most suited to their specific requirement. Each product is supplied in the same design and size of pouch to enable interchangeability and flexibility. The pouches are larger than average which, combined with the dispenser’s excellent dosing control, ensures the maximum interval between refills.