DIV19/50: Performance Boosting Upgrades to Award Winning Machine (11 December 2019)

Issue Date: 11 December 2019
Ref: DIV19/50


Performance Boosting Upgrades to Award Winning Machine
New features for TASKI swingo 2100µicro scrubber drier

The updated TASKI swingo 2100µicro (micro) ultra-compact ride-on scrubber-drier from Diversey brings added value and extra performance to cleaning teams by building on the success of the original award-winning model. This latest-generation machine has been redesigned to include an innovative digital electric motor that delivers more cleaning power and uses less energy, an improved seat for better comfort, and an adjustable lockable steering wheel for enhanced ergonomics and security. The result is an ultra-compact ride-on floorcare machine that offers even better performance and productivity with the same unique narrow-space and up-to-the-edge cleaning capabilities of the original.

The original TASKI swingo 2100µicro set the benchmark in the fast-growing micro ride-on scrubber drier category. An ISSA Innovation Award winner in 2015, it proved to be ideal for busy and confined areas because of its ultra-compact design and tight turning circle. Its 55cm working width, 138cm overall length and less-than-180cm turning circle meant it could operate productively and safely between obstacles, pass through normal doors and be transported in standard lifts.

The unique offset feature allows the machine to clean right up against walls: the mechanism can project up to 14cm to the side of the machine. This capability is still under patent and therefore unavailable on any other micro ride-on and allows the machine to clean and dry to the floor edge in a single pass with no need for unproductive secondary cleaning such as wet-mopping. Like all scrubber driers it leaves floors clean and dry to reduce the risk of slips and trips.

The unique “active sitting” driving position supports the operator in the ideal posture and reduces fatigue while allowing easy access for maximum productivity. The upgraded model features an all-new seat that is more comfortable while also being less sensitive so that it can be used by lighter operatives. The seat now has a convenient storage tray for a mobile phone and personal items.

Power is supplied by a new brushless electric motor with digital control. This motor is smaller, more efficient and more reliable than conventional motors. It uses less energy which can mean even longer intervals between battery charges for extended uninterrupted working times and higher productivity. The additional power also has allowed the design team to increase the maximum brush pressure by 62 per cent. The brushless design promotes reliability and reduces servicing: there are no brushes to fail which eliminates the need to replace them or the whole motor.

The operator console has been redesigned with an all-new steering wheel. This now features height adjustment so that operatives can set it for the best possible comfort and ergonomic working. The wheel is also lockable to help prevent unauthorised use.

Ride-on machines generally operate at speeds over 50 per cent faster than comparable walk-behind models. That means more productivity and more floors cleaned across the shift. The machine has been designed to deliver exceptional performance. Its 55cm cleaning width, 75 litre tank and fast operating speed allow it to clean more than 3000m2 in an hour - class-leading performance up to 22 per cent better than comparable models. Machine speed is automatically reduced when turning to promote stability. The design offers full-width protection for the operator to reduce the risk of injuries.

The design team has also ensured the machine retains its proven capabilities as a highly productive mobile cleaning workstation. Equipment such as microfibre tools, mops, buckets, trays and other items from the extensive TASKI Trolley range can all be mounted on the rear of the machine. This allows it to be configured and customised to match any customer’s unique requirements. Typical applications include rapid spillage or flooding response, mobile hard surface cleaning, and janitorial workstation.