Portable Disinfection with Backpack Sprayer

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Portable Disinfection with Backpack Sprayer
TASKI BP15 Sprayer offers new options for disinfection

The new TASKI BP15 Sprayer enables cleaning teams to disinfect large areas quickly, easily, and effectively to maintain the highest levels of protection against infections. The sprayer’s backpack design and portability make it ideal for disinfecting almost any location including hard-to-reach areas and other places where it is difficult to use traditional tools.

The current pandemic and emergency lockdown have forced businesses to find new ways to protect and reassure their customers and employees. They need to deliver and demonstrate the highest possible levels of protection against pathogens. Building care teams and cleaning contractors are seeking new ways to incorporate disinfection into their everyday tasks and enhance existing processes. 

The TASKI BP15 Sprayer’s backpack design makes it a highly adaptable, portable, and practical disinfection tool to meet these challenges. It is easy to use with an ergonomic design that is lightweight, comfortable, and practical.

The sprayer is battery powered for complete portability and autonomy. Its powerful latest-generation Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) battery offers extended run times of up to four hours between charges. This is much longer than comparable models with conventional power units. Users can go anywhere at any time to ensure any area is disinfected whenever required.

Using a battery powered machine also removes the need for mains power cables that can limit mobility and present a potential trip hazard. The battery can be recharged quickly or swapped for a fully charged unit to avoid any delays. It is compatible with the global CAS cordless battery system which means it is interchangeable with many other electric-powered tools.

The spray nozzle is adjustable to allow precise direction and targeting of the disinfectant for maximum efficiency and surface coverage with minimal wastage. Two nozzles are supplied so that users can choose between a mist (60 micron) or small droplets (200 micron), depending on the requirements of the application.

The BP15 Sprayer is manufactured in Switzerland using high-quality durable components and materials to ensure reliability, optimum performance, and a long lifespan. The spray tube is stainless steel which makes it easy to clean and resistant to corrosion so that it can be used with most disinfectants and other chemicals.