Onboard Disinfection for Scrubber Driers

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Issue Date: 2 March 2021
Ref: DIV21/09


TASKI IntelliSpray in hotel lobby TASKI IntelliSpray unit mounts on the rear of the scrubber drier TASKI IntelliSpray container mounted on scrubber drier

Onboard Disinfection for Scrubber Driers
TASKI IntelliSpray combines floor and surface disinfection in single unit

The new TASKI IntelliSpray system enables ride-on scrubber drier operators to add enhanced floor and surface disinfection capabilities to their machines in a single integrated unit. This innovative device transforms a TASKI swingo 2100, 4000 or 5000 scrubber drier into a highly efficient tool for cleaning and disinfecting floors while its hand spray tool enables efficient mobile surface disinfection. It was awarded 2020 Innovation of the Year Award at the virtual ISSA North America event.

As the world emerges from the emergency lockdowns, businesses face a variety of challenges to protect and reassure their customers and employees. Facilities need to deliver and demonstrate the highest possible levels of protection against pathogens. They also need to enhance the appearance of spaces to show they meet and exceed expectations. Building care teams and cleaning contractors are seeking new ways to incorporate disinfection into their everyday tasks to work alongside and enhance existing processes. TASKI IntelliSpray meets this requirement by enabling scrubber driers to disinfect floors as they carry out traditional floorcare duties. 

The modular TASKI IntelliSpray unit is installed on the rear of new TASKI swingo 2100, 4000 and 5000 ride-on scrubber driers or retrofitted to existing machines. It can be activated on its own or in combination with the machine’s scrubbing mechanism. This provides operators with complete flexibility to choose floor cleaning and disinfection separately or together to maximise efficiency, productivity, and cost savings.
The unit’s multi-nozzle system emits a fine mist of disinfectant to coat floors and low-level vertical surfaces simultaneously. Three nozzles treat a wide-angle are at the rear of the machine while two more nozzles are side mounted for cleaning vertical surfaces and furniture. This arrangement ensures each section of floor is cleaned and disinfected in a single pass of the machine. Machines can clean and disinfect areas up to 5000m2.

With the integrated hand spray tool TASKI IntelliSpray users can manually disinfect hard-to-reach spaces and surfaces with control and precision. The spraying arm is connected to the main unit by a flexible hose. It is ideal for disinfecting surfaces surrounding the working area such as furniture, fixtures, and fittings. No additional spray tools are necessary, effectively turning the scrubber drier into a mobile disinfection platform.

The unit integrates with TASKI’s advanced IntelliTrail floorcare telemetry and fleet management solution. This means managers can produce audits and reports as part of their due diligence and compliance obligations. They can verify which floor areas have been cleaned and disinfected and when tasks were completed. IntelliTrail combines smart technology, GPS tracking and web applications to provide real-time 24/7 visibility of mission-critical information that helps managers to reduce fleet, cleaning and administrative costs by up to 25%.

TASKI IntellSpray can be used with any suitable disinfectant. The disinfectant solution is stored in a 20-litre container that can be swapped out in seconds when empty and replaced with a full canister. This means there is minimal disruption to cleaning operations. There is no need to prepare or mix chemicals in the working area for enhanced efficiency and safety.