Steam is an Effective Alternative to Cleaning with Chemicals

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Steam cleaning offers a simple, practical, and sustainable alternative to using chemical products. The TASKI Steam range includes four high-performance models that make it easy to use steam in a wide range of settings.

Steam easily gets into hard-to-reach places. This makes it ideal for surfaces that are difficult to treat with other tools and larger equipment, including intricate and detailed surfaces such as edges, vertical surfaces and grouting in tiled areas. Many porous materials, such as bedding and upholstery, can also be cleaned using steam.

Steam has been used for general surface cleaning for generations because it quickly dissolves and dislodges deposits and soiling. It is particularly suitable for applications in healthcare, hospitality, and food service as a highly sustainable alternative to cleaning with chemicals that eliminates the risk of producing any potentially harmful irritants or tainting foodstuffs. The minimal residue left behind after steam cleaning is removed using microfibre or a vacuum cleaner.

The TASKI Steam range comprises four compact and lightweight models offering different capabilities to meet demand in a variety of applications. The two simplest models in the range (models SO4 and SO8) simply produce steam. The TASKI Steam SV4 incorporates a vacuum pick-up that removes condensate and debris to leave the working area clean and dry. Its 12-litre collection tank can double-up as a wet pick-up during emergencies to maximise the machine’s utility and save storage space by avoiding the need for additional equipment. 

The top-of-the-range TASKI Steam SDV8 combines high pressure steam, detergent and vacuum functions in a single unit and is ideal for the toughest and most demanding applications. This model incorporates a chemical delivery system to accelerate the removal of ground-in grease and grime. It can be used with routine and problem-solver products from the extensive Diversey range including formulations to remove chewing gum and mould from tile grout. 

The machines are designed for simple and easy use and manufactured in the UK. The operator simply fills the machine, plugs it into a convenient power socket and waits just a few minutes for the water to heat up. A continuous water fill feature allows the machines to be topped up at any time. This promotes safety for the operator and reduces the time spent waiting for steam so that more time is spent on productive working. Generous cable and hose lengths ensure operators can easily access difficult areas to optimise the use of the comprehensive accessory set supplied with each machine.

The use of high-quality materials and robust construction promotes machine durability for life-long reliability. The models are finished in the same distinctive orange colour as other TASKI machines.

Full details of the TASKI Steam range are available on the new TASKI website. In addition to information about each model in the extensive TASKI floorcare range, the site includes interactive access to 3D imagery, HD video, training material, and in-depth technical details. Visitors can also download the TASKI app to access information on their mobile devices. TASKI has also launched all-new social media channels with regular insight and innovation on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.