Sustainable, Lower Cost, Mobile Vacuum Cleaning with TASKI AERO UP

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Sustainable, Lower Cost, Mobile Vacuum Cleaning with TASKI AERO UP

The new TASKI AERO UP upright cordless vacuum cleaner uses less than half the energy, weighs over a third less, and is around half as noisy as previous comparable models. It combines high performance, excellent sustainability, and low cost of ownership in a compact and lightweight design. It supports complete mobility and portability when cleaning hard floors and carpets in professional applications. The new model is also perfect for use with the integrated TASKI trolley system.

The new vacuum weighs less than 5kg – around a third lighter than earlier models - which makes it easy to use and carry. Battery power frees the operator to work anywhere at any time. There is no mains power cable to limit mobility or present a potential trip hazard so the vacuum can be used more safely in public spaces. The tidy compact design with 28cm working width allows the machine to operate ergonomically in confined spaces and around obstructions such as furniture and fittings. Combined with quiet noise levels as low as 62dbA (around half the level of previous-generation models) these features make the vacuum ideal for daytime and spot cleaning without disturbing the public or building users.

The vacuum combines a powerful lithium battery and highly efficient brushless digital motor to promote sustainability, performance, and reliability with lower total cost of ownership. The motor uses less than half the energy of traditional units which means lower total electricity costs and reduced carbon footprint than like-for-like applications using older equipment. The brushless motors also require no maintenance and should never need to be replaced, reducing the risk of unexpected downtime and minimising service and maintenance costs.

Operators have a choice of three power settings, delivering up to 40 litres-per-second suction for optimum performance. This allows users to select the right one for each specific task while minimising noise levels and maximising run time. Selecting the most appropriate setting also ensures efficient use of available battery power for lower overall cost-per-clean and improved sustainability because there is less energy wastage.

The powerful lithium-ion battery stores enough energy for one hour of continuous run time. It can be recharged in around 90 minutes or swapped with a fully charged unit in a few seconds. Swapping batteries avoids any delays to ensure maximum machine productivity, performance, and availability throughout the working day. The battery is interchangeable with those used in the TASKI AERO BP backpack vacuum and the TASKI swingo 150b scrubber drier. Operators have complete flexibility to use more battery powered equipment while requiring fewer spare batteries and chargers. This reduces the overall investment without compromising on battery availability.

The vacuum incorporates a range of advanced features designed for the most demanding applications. Its simple release system enables quick and easy interchange between a powered head for carpets and a floor tool for hard floors. The brush driven power head makes light work of cleaning carpets while the lightweight floor tool glides over hard floors for effortless cleaning. Operators can pick the best option for their specific their needs or choose both for maximum versatility.

The vacuum’s three-stage filtration incorporates an EPA H11 filter to ensure outstanding removal of dust and particulates for excellent air quality. An optional HEPA H13 filter is available for applications demanding the highest cleaning results and air quality.

In addition to being used for general, daytime, and spot cleaning, the vacuum can be used with the TASKI trolley system. The model’s compact design and low weight mean it can be transported neatly and tidily on the trolley alongside other tools, equipment, and products. In this way it adds vacuum cleaning capabilities to almost any integrated cleaning application.