Carpet Cleaning From TASKI

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Regular vacuuming together with interim encapsulation cleaning and periodic deep extraction cleaning are the core tasks that promote effective and sustainable carpet care to maintain cleanliness, hygiene, and appearance. TASKI offers a complete range of high-performance machines that are simple to use, promote productivity, and offer lower total cost of ownership while delivering excellent performance and results.

Good carpet care starts with regular vacuum cleaning to remove everyday dirt and debris. The latest addition to TASKI’s extensive range of upright and tub vacuum cleaners is the TASKI AERO UP. This upright cordless vacuum cleaner uses less than half the energy, weighs over a third less, and is around half as noisy as previous comparable models. It combines high performance, excellent sustainability, and low cost of ownership in a compact and lightweight design. It supports complete mobility and portability when cleaning hard floors and carpets in professional applications.

Interim cleaning helps keep carpets looking better for longer and extends the interval between deep cleaning which generally requires more drying time. The TASKI procarpet removes the need to purchase separate machines for these two critical carpet care tasks, saving capital and supply chain and storage costs. Operators can select a single machine yet retain the flexibility to choose the application that best suits their needs based on turnaround time and soil levels.

The encapsulation function supports fast and efficient intermediate carpet care. Operators simply add TASKI Tapi Shampoo to the built-in solution tank. The machine is then run back and forth over the carpet in its encapsulation mode to apply the correct amount of solution and agitate the pile so that the product can reach the soiling more easily. 

Soiling is broken down and captured by the product which dries quickly to form a powder which is picked up using a conventional vacuum cleaner. The carpet is out of commission for a minimal time and can be returned to use as soon as it has dried and vacuuming is complete, typically within around half an hour.

When deeper cleaning is required, the TASKI procarpet is simply switched into its extraction mode using a button on its console. A suitable product from the extensive TASKI Tapi range is added to the tank and applied to the carpet as the machine passes over. Agitation promotes soil breakdown and ensures excellent penetration of the product into the pile to reach and remove even the deepest soiling. The machine’s suction pick-up mechanism extracts the soiled solution and the carpet is left to dry before it can be used again the following day.

The TASKI procarpet 30 incorporates a 30-litre tank and a 38cm mechanism which makes it ideal for small to medium carpeted areas. The TASKI procarpet 45 has a 45-litre tank and 45cm working width to cover bigger areas more quickly. Noise levels below 70dB(A) mean the machines are quiet enough to operate close to the public without causing undue disruption to support emergency, opportunity, and daytime cleaning tasks. The technology and cleaning products are approved to the highest Platinum Level by the independent Carpet & Rug Institute (CRI) and Wool Safe to provide operators with additional assurance.

Accessories supplied include a carpet wand and hose to access hard-to-reach areas, hand tool for upholstery cleaning, adjustable handle for operator convenience and comfort, and a parking lever which raises the brush off the floor to reduce the risk of damage and make transport and storage simpler and safer.

Like all other machines in the extensive TASKI range the machines have simple, ergonomic controls to promote ease of use with minimal training requirement. All routine service points are readily accessible and clearly marked in bright yellow for easy identification to promote the regular care and maintenance that leads to reliable and life-long performance.