DIV15/38: Optimize Cleaning Machine Fleet Operational Cost (17 February 2016)

Issue Date: 27 January 2016
Ref: DIV15/38

TASKI IntelliTrail is ideal for tracking scrubber drier utilisation and performance.

Optimize Cleaning Machine Fleet Operational Cost
Unique new TASKI IntelliTrail tracking and management system

Cleaning machine fleet operators can reduce total cost of ownership and enhance quality of service with the innovative TASKI IntelliTrail fleet tracking and management system from Diversey Care. IntelliTrail uniquely combines smart technology, GPS tracking and web applications to provide operators with real-time control, analysis and insight of fleet performance. It is one of the first components of the new Internet of Clean concept recently announced by Diversey Care.

“Our trials have shown that fleet managers can reduce fleet, cleaning and administrative costs up to 25 per cent,” says Dr Ilham Kadri, President, Diversey Care. “We believe that any operator with a fleet of 30 or more machines will be able to justify the investment and see an improvement in the quality and value of the service they deliver to build relationships and enhance their reputation.”

Cleaning machines such as scrubber driers represent a significant capital investment for building care teams and facilities management providers. Labour is another major component of overall cleaning costs. Operators need to maximise the utilisation of their assets and the productivity of their workforce in order to control and reduce costs while offering enhanced service levels and value. They can only do this with accurate information about fleet deployment and utilisation.

Market research commissioned by Diversey Care shows however that more than half of cleaning machine fleet managers are concerned with the current visibility they have over factors such as machine downtime, accidental damage and misuse, workforce visibility and productivity, and machine location. Machine losses through theft or misplacement are believed to be in the region of 10 per cent across some large fleets.

IntelliTrail provides fleet operators with the real-time information and insight they need to reduce costs, increase machine availability and enhance service levels. The system monitors a wide range of key performance indicators including geographical position, total operating hours, average working hours, under- and over-utilisation, number of accidents, and battery charge levels. It removes administrative burden and cost by automating key processes.

The information generated by IntelliTrail provides an accurate audit of machine performance and utilisation so that customers and service providers can make informed decisions about current performance and future requirements. Rightsizing the fleet in terms of machine numbers and performance is one of the most critical factors in reducing costs. Managers can also deploy labour more effectively and make better decisions about predictive maintenance to reduce unscheduled downtime. 

“IntelliTrail’s data sharing capabilities support greater collaboration and transparency so that service providers and their clients can develop better understanding and longer-term partnerships,” says Dr Ilham Kadri.