DIV15/32: Scrubber Drier Innovation Advantages In The Detail (9 December 2015)

Issue Date: 9 December 2015
Reference: DIV15/32

TASKI swingo 2100 scrubber drier

Scrubber Drier Innovation Advantages In The Detail

The number and variety of scrubber drier models available can present potential users with a bewildering choice. While all machines may seem as if they offer similar functionality in reality the best performance, savings and sustainability can only be achieved by looking a little closer at some of the features and the benefits they bring. With decades of experience developing and manufacturing scrubber driers for high performance cleaning, TASKI continues to devise innovations that ensure its customers maintain competitive advantage across their in-house and contract cleaning operations.

Recent innovations include the offset cleaning mechanism on the new TASKI swingo 2100 micro scrubber drier. This allows the machine to clean right up to the edge of a floor against a wall or kerb in a single pass to eliminate the need for secondary cleaning with wet mops or alternative machines. Productivity is increased significantly because the machine covers more of the floor without disruption. Other innovations include the machine’s active sitting position which supports operatives in an ergonomic posture while they work but allows easy dismounting and remounting when undertaking secondary tasks. LED lighting improves all-round visibility for enhanced safety and productivity. A rack to carry essential tools such as mops can be mounted on the machine to create a self-contained mobile cleaning workstation. Overall the machine is around 22 per cent more productive than comparable alternatives.

Other recent TASKI innovations are available across its range. The new IntelliTrail machine tracking system, for example, provides fleet operators with the ability to monitor machine location and performance in real-time using advanced mobile communications technology. 
Fleet managers can identify over and under-utilisation so that they can redeploy machines more effectively to maximise overall efficiency and productivity. They can also monitor KPIs, unauthorised usage, out-of-hours activities, battery status, other metrics and events such as accidents to help understand their operations, manage them more effectively and maintain performance and contractual compliance.

Capabilities such as IntelliTrail are part of the Internet of Clean framework introduced by Diversey Care earlier this year. Although advanced cleaning machines with computerised systems clearly lend themselves to the interconnectivity enabled by Internet of Clean, the platform already encompasses other Diversey Care offers such as the SmartView cleaning compliance monitoring service and the TempTrip supply chain temperature monitoring tool. More facilities will follow in due course.

Another TASKI innovation, also integrated with Internet of Clean, is the new range of Intellibot robotic cleaning machines. With their autonomous operations the Intellibot machines enable hands-free floor-care so that operatives can focus on value-added and problem solving tasks. This results in floorcare-related cost savings of up to 85 per cent with improved productivity, more effective deployment of resources and enhanced customer services.

Innovations such as TASKI IntelliDose and TASKI IntelliFlow work with Diversey Care’s extensive range of ultra-concentrated floor care products to reduce wastage, promote sustainability and cut cost-in-use. They work in combination with a machine’s on-board systems to ensure water and product are always utilised at precisely the correct dilution and flow rates to maintain high performance and cleaning consistency.

These innovations are at the leading edge of scrubber drier design but earlier advances once similarly groundbreaking are now considered standard across the TASKI family from its smallest uprights to the largest ride-on machines.

Yellow-coloured indicators are used across the range, for example, to help operatives identify quickly and easily the service points for daily and routine checks. 
Pickup mechanisms incorporate highly efficient direct suction lines that also reduce the risk of blockages or unexpected machine outages. The mechanism’s unique W-shaped squeegee is more efficient than conventional designs at removing debris and liquid so that floors dry more quickly and can be returned to use sooner.

Controls, indicators and operating procedures are similarly standardised across the range as much as possible - given the differences between pedestrian and ride-on machines. These and other design features not only simplify routine operations but also allow individual operatives to swap between machines with minimal retraining to enhance safety, simplicity and compliance. Many other manufacturers do not apply the same levels of consistency across their ranges.

Finally, and by no means least, all TASKI machines are designed for use with all of the cleaning products, pads, tools and equipment that comprise the extensive Diversey Care range and complemented by its support and training services. In this way customers can choose integrated cleaning solutions matched to their specific requirements from a single supplier with a unique portfolio.