DIV16/16: Introducing the Internet of Clean (16 August 2016)

Issue date: 16 August 2016
Ref: DIV16/16

The new TASKI Intellibot robotic cleaners connet to the Internet of Clean.

Introducing the Internet of Clean

Technology is reaching parts of our lives that would have been unimaginable to our parents’ generation. Ours is an interconnected world where we interact with more and more intelligent devices that themselves communicate with each other. Driven by the convergence of computers, telecommunications, mobile technology, apps and gadgets this new landscape is known as the Internet of Things. And now it is coming to the cleaning industry.

Leading technology analysts predict up to 50 billion devices could be connected to the Internet of Things by 2020. Forecasts of the potential value this will drive into the global economy are equally bullish – it could be trillions of dollars.

Diversey Care anticipated how this shift in technology and business will affect the cleaning industry. Last year the company announced the Internet of Clean, its reimagining of the industry to deliver full remote management of operations for its customers.

With the Internet of Clean the company aims to become development consultants for new business models to help its customers maximise the use of the data they need, enhance their operations and boost service quality. It has already announced a number of innovative products, applications and services that are compatible with the Internet of Clean:

  • •    SmartView - a mobile, web-based platform that delivers service performance improvement with real-time management, quality control and reporting features for interdependent cleaning teams. Individually configured for flexibility, SmartView enables access to data anywhere, anytime, from any computer, tablet or smartphone. It simplifies daily communication, documentation and management so that managers and supervisors can proactively monitor, evaluate and improve the results of cleaning team activities, assets and overall performance.
  • •    IntelliTrail - allows TASKI floorcare machine operators to track fleet operations in real-time. IntelliTrail delivers data and communicates feedback to individually-assigned users for action and follow-up. Key features include pinpointing the location of individual machines, geo-fencing machines, alerting on low battery levels, and analysis of total running hours.
  • •    IntelliDish – sophisticated insight and monitoring system that optimises the performance, productivity and utilisation of commercial dishwashing operations. It identifies and communicates various aspects of a dishwashing machine’s cycle to a cloud-based server and issues real-time status reports and alarms to an intuitive user dashboard. Operators and managers have the information required to identify and resolve issues and prevent them happening again.
  • •    Augmented Reality: Suma Revoflow - a unique smart application for mobile phones and tablets, initially for use with Revoflow kitchen dosing systems. It automatically recognises the equipment and allows users to self-train, self-troubleshoot and receive remote support by raising tickets directly with Diversey Care. This revolutionary new application won the prestigious Amsterdam Innovation Award at ISSA/INTERCLEAN 2016.
  • •    TASKI Intellibot – the first fully-automated commercial cleaning machines available in the UK (and CE marked). These Internet of Clean enabled robots improve the economics of cleaning by significantly boosting productivity, save up to 80% on labour costs and use up to 85% less water and chemicals than conventional machines. Their “hands free cleaning” performance allows operatives to focus on revenue-generating and value-added tasks. 

These building blocks of the Internet of Clean are available now, or coming soon, to provide new levels of management, control and insight so that contract cleaners and similar businesses can optimise their business operations like never before.