DIV16/13: Scrubber Drier Tracking Improves Machine & Fleet Performance (29 June 2016)

Issue Date: 29 JUne 2016
Ref: DIV16/13

The new TASKI Intellibot robotic cleaners incorporate Intelli-Trak machine tracking. The new TASKI IntelliTrail system can be installed on the majority of the TASKI range.

Scrubber Drier Tracking Improves Machine & Fleet Performance
New Internet of Clean services offer new levels of insight and control

The recent UK launch of its TASKI Intellibot robotic scrubber driers has been accompanied by announcements from Diversey Care covering machine tracking innovations. These technologies utilise newly developed capabilities to monitor machine location and status in real-time over the emerging Internet of Clean. In doing so they enable remote management and diagnostic services that allow operators to oversee individual machines and fleets more efficiently and reduce significantly the overall cost of cleaning.

All TASKI Intellibot machines are equipped with Intelli-Trak, a unique management information and machine tracking system. This records all machine operations and movements to provide a complete audit including operator ID, date of use, start time, machine location, cleaning time, performance issues, routes/areas cleaned. Information and reports can be accessed over the Internet of Clean using local WiFi or secure on-board SIM card. Authorised engineers can diagnose and deal with many issues as well as re-programme the machine with no need for an on-site service call. In this way Intelli-Trak augments the automated and hands-free cleaning capabilities of the robotic machines.

The new TASKI IntelliTrail system offers similar capabilities but can be installed on the majority of the TASKI range – including larger pedestrian-operated and all ride-on scrubber driers – and compatible machines from other manufacturers.

The system monitors a wide range of key performance indicators including geographical position, total operating hours, average working hours, under- and over-utilisation, number of accidents, and battery charge levels. This information is monitored by on-board smart technology and GPS tracking, and accessed in real-time over the Internet of Cleaning using web applications.

TASKI IntelliTrail gives fleet operators new levels of real-time control, analysis and insight of fleet performance. The ability to identify machine under- and over-utilisation, for example, allows managers to redeploy machines to make better use of resources and maintain service levels. IntelliTrail also allows operators to identify when machines have been used outside of their designated area or beyond contractually agreed parameters. 

Armed with verifiable information provided by IntelliTrail helps managers to reduce costs, increase machine availability and enhance service levels. Trials conducted by Diversey Care have shown that this can reduce fleet, cleaning and administrative costs up to 25 per cent. Operators with a fleet of 30 or more machines should be able to justify the investment and see an improvement in the quality and value of the service.

Both Intelli-Trak and IntelliTrail remove administrative burden and cost by automating key processes. This can include, for example, automated alerts for user-defined exception events such as on-board diagnostic warnings. Managers can respond quickly to ensure an appropriate resolution, often before issues impact on machine availability or before the customer is aware of them.

Although available as stand-alone solutions, Intelli-Trak and IntelliTrail are designed to be integrated with Diversey Care’s new SmartView mobile communication platform. This highly configurable service delivers performance improvement with a range of proactive real-time management, quality control and reporting features for interdependent cleaning teams in the facility management, hospitality and healthcare sectors.