DIV16/42: A View To Smarter Cleaning (6 April 2017)

Issue Date: 6 April 2017
Ref: DIV16/42

SmartView is accessed using tablets and other smart devices.

A View To Smarter Cleaning

Cleaning professionals across the industry are recognising how cloud-based applications such as Diversey Care’s SmartView service can help them verify performance and compliance while identifying potential gains in productivity and quality of service.

SmartView is a mobile communication platform that is configured for each customer by integrating any number of customisable modules. This creates a unique tool that meets specific business requirements and objectives, irrespective of the type of sites to be cleaned. Managers and supervisors have total visibility of information to proactively monitor, evaluate and improve the results of team member activities, assets and overall performance.

Deployed as part of the Internet of Clean, Diversey Care’s re-imagining of the future of the cleaning industry, these solutions can be accessed anywhere, at any time, from any computer, tablet or smartphone. Data is collected by robust and easy-to-use hand-held devices or technology installed on equipment such as floorcare machines.

One leading contract cleaning company has implemented SmartView to oversee routine and daily cleaning at a major transport hub. Using the interactive capabilities of the Task & Time module, the contractor can track when and by whom a task is completed, and reallocate resources in real-time to meet key performance objectives and priorities. Inefficient paper-based processes have been completely replaced by the cloud-based electronic application which has enhanced data accuracy and saved time. The service enabled analysis of cleaning routes which also helped to optimise and improve service provision.

Elsewhere, dozens of cleaning teams have deployed SmartView with the TASKI IntelliTrail module to monitor and manage floorcare machine operations. IntelliTrail works with any battery-powered TASKI scrubber drier (and similar machines from other leading manufacturers) and has been installed on hundreds of machines across the UK to give managers unprecedented real-time control, analysis and insight of fleet performance.

On-board GPS tracking devices, communication tools and links to the standard machine electronics provide detailed information about equipment utilisation including hours worked, locations cleaned, operators, times of day, unexpected events and more.

SmartView helps managers understand their cleaning operations and identify issues such as machine under- and over-utilisation, unauthorised and out-of-area usage, low batteries, and potential maintenance issues. They can then respond proactively and remedy issues before these impact on service delivery. Insight from the service supports remodelling of operations, for example by redeploying machines so that they are used more productively. Fleet, cleaning and administrative costs can be reduced by up to 25 per cent. Operators with a fleet of 30 or more machines should be able to justify the investment.

Additional SmartView modules include tools for offering client access, managing assets, quality assurance, and vehicle tracking. All of these modules can easily be deployed individually or in any combination within the SmartView framework.

One of the most powerful aspects of SmartView is its ability to support data access and analysis on a single, integrated platform from almost any location over the Internet of Clean. This supports performance improvement and cost optimisation by automating the consistent and accurate collection of information. It also reduces the need for site visits by supervisors and replaces hand-written reports. Costs are minimised further by simplifying communication between teams and supervisors, and supporting the exchange of information with other business applications. Automated user-definable alerts for critical or open tasks enable rapid response and resolution for enhanced service delivery that builds stronger relationships with customers and clients.