DIV16/28: Time Savers for Winning Cleaning Teams (30 November 2016)

Issue Date: 30 November 2016
Ref: DIV16/28

Diversey Care offers a number of products that save cleaning teams time and money.

Time Savers for Winning Cleaning Teams
Innovations make cleaning simpler, quicker and more efficient

There is a concept in professional cycling that is known as “marginal gains” which means identifying and exploiting every opportunity for performance improvement, no matter how small. Apparently this is one of the reasons Team GB won most of the track cycling golds yet again at the recent Olympics. In industry a similar concept is known as continuous performance improvement. But what is the relevance to the cleaning profession?

Cleaning is often a time-consuming process where the biggest factor in the overall cost is the wages of the person doing the work. It follows that making work more efficient, quicker to complete, helps operatives become more efficient and productive. In other words, they can do more work in the same time or the same work costs less. This helps cleaning teams become more competitive and profitable by reducing costs, add value to their existing contracts by doing more work in the same time or pass savings on to the customer – or any combination of these. Diversey Care offers a number of innovations that help cleaning teams meet these objectives.

The company’s new TASKISUM disposable microfibre mops and cloths, for example, offers comparable benefits to reusable alternatives but without the need for time-consuming storage, handling and laundry processes. The cloths have been tested to the latest EN standards for removal of bacteria and other organisms which makes them suitable for healthcare and other applications.

In washrooms, TASKI Sani 4in1 is a unique and innovative formulation that replaces separate products for disinfection, descaling, cleaning and deodourising during daily and routine cleaning. It can be used in all acid-resistant areas of the washroom. By replacing four or more alternative products it simplifies cleaning processes and reduces costs while maintaining or improving the overall appearance of the washroom.

Also in washrooms, the innovative Ecobug waterless urinal system reduces water consumption by up to 98 per cent. Once installed the Ecobug capsule keeps the urinal clean and fresh and eliminates the need for conventional daily cleaning, saving time and money. Its continuous action minimises washroom malodours and blockages for improved hygiene, appearance and ambience.

The popular SmartDose platform is the ideal way to introduce highly sustainable ultra-concentrates into any cleaning operation. Available with a wide range of Diversey Care formulations, including TASKI Sani 4in1, SmartDose is compact, portable and requires no connection to a water supply. Its unique dual-dosing capability saves time because users can prepare solutions accurately and consistently for two different applications - sinks, buckets, spray bottles, cleaning machines depending on product and configuration – using the same container.

For floorcare, the TASKI Leak Lizard is an ideal way to contain and remove liquid spills in almost any setting. This super-absorbent disposable barrier strip can capture and retain two litres of liquid in every 60cm length. It offers a faster, more convenient and simpler way to remove liquids than traditional mopping techniques or paper towels.

Another floorcare efficiency-booster is Jontec Timesaver. This innovative formulation contains over 30 per cent more polymers and requires fewer coats than conventional emulsion finishes. It produces a durable and crystal-clear high-gloss finish without special tools. The performance and durability of the finish extends maintenance intervals and eliminates the need for intermittent stripping, all of which saves time and money. 

Introducing innovations and new processes like these is a far simpler way to make daily and routine cleaning more efficient and quicker. The only alternative is to work faster and faster, and that is not normally an option. The smart choice is to look for the marginal gains that help build a winning team.