Issue Date: 19 Janaury 2011
Ref: DIV11/02

John O'Donoghue, Noonan CEO SmartDose can be used to fill buckets, bottles and machines. SmartDose ensures accurate preparation of cleaning solutions.

Concentrates with EU Flower Certification Promote Sustainability For Contract Cleaner

Noonan, the largest integrated facilities services provider in Ireland, has received the Eco Business Award at the Corporate Social Responsibility Awards for 2010 organised by Chambers Ireland. Central to the success was Noonan’s participation in the Irish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Cleaner Greener Production Programme and the introduction of the innovative SmartDose range of concentrated building care cleaning products from Diversey to support its sustainability objectives. The company selected SmartDose as its main building care product as soon as it became available and has already introduced it into over 1000 sites, with more to follow.

“The ease of transition to the SmartDose system which has been seamless from a client perspective has been critical in gaining the support of our management team and expediting the roll out of this initiative. Our clients have enthusiastically endorsed this as in many cases they are actively engaged in their own sustainability initiatives,” says John O’Donoghue, Group CEO at Noonan.

The portable SmartDose system was introduced in spring this year. It includes four high-performance TASKI building care concentrated products designed for simpler, safer and superior cleaning. Its unique and innovative pack design incorporates a patented dual-setting dispenser that doses product accurately and consistently into spray bottles, buckets, sinks or cleaning machines. Three EU Flower sustainability-certified products cover all main daily building care tasks including washroom, floor, and glass and hard surface cleaning. The fourth product is a disinfectant for floors and other surfaces.

“Noonan planned to be the first integrated facilities services provider to lead the way with sustainability within the BSC industry and the first in Ireland to focus on environmental issues,” says Sarah Kearney of Noonan. “We wanted to reduce our carbon foot print while introducing simple and safe solutions for Noonan staff nationwide.”
Through its participation in the EPA’s Cleaner Greener Production Programme, Noonan wanted to introduce green chemicals, make measurable reductions in consumption of water, energy, chemicals and reduce the generation of waste. The company selected SmartDose following detailed studies to identify a set of cleaning products that met its stringent criteria and complied with EU Flower certification.
“After analysing the systems available from key manufacturers and suppliers our senior management team recognised that Diversey's SmartDose system ticked all the boxes in relation to EPA standards and Noonan's achieving a major part of its overall sustainability objective,” says Sarah Kearney.

The business development and technical teams from Diversey worked with colleagues from Noonan to provide information and documentation to support the claims it made during the selection process. Diversey fast-tracked the certification and introduction of the products in conjunction with its supply chain partner Bunzl Cleaning & Safety Suppplies to ensure it could meet extremely the tight timeframes.
SmartDose is currently being rolled out to all 1000+ sites managed by Noonan throughout Ireland. This is the largest implementation of SmartDose globally so far. Diversey has provided training, technical support and documentation during the rollout. The most recent sites include seven depots operated by a national bus provider where the products will be used for daily cleaning of around 1300 vehicles in the operator’s fleet.

“We have supplied cleaning products to Noonan for many years,” says Eugene Grogan, National Account Director for Diversey Ireland. “To win this new contract it was important that we had the right set of products, with the right certification, at the right time to fulfil the customer’s specification. Thanks to the hard work of our business, sales and technical teams we were able to offer SmartDose and strengthen our long term relationship with Noonan.”

SmartDose is ideal for building care applications where space is limited, connection to a water supply is impractical or complete portability is required. It enables greater control over product usage for better cleaning consistency with improved sustainability, reduced wastage, predictable cost-in-use, better productivity and safer handling with less risk of skin contact. Each 1.4 litre container of SmartDose concentrate can generate up to 700 litres of ready-to-use product.

Like all of Diversey’s dosing and dilution systems, SmartDose promotes sustainability through the use of concentrates. Water is added at the point of use rather than the place of manufacture. With its dosing ratio of up to 500:1 each Smart Dose container supports significantly more cleaning jobs litre-for-litre and offers considerable savings in storage space and transportation costs when compared with conventional bulk chemicals or ready-to-use products. Less packaging is also required which results in lower amounts of waste for disposal. Sustainability is further enhanced by the SmartDose pack design which ensures 100 per cent of product is used to eliminate wastage and the need to rinse the container after use. All materials in the pack are 100 percent recyclable.