Ref: DIV11/05
Issue Date: 15 March 2011

The equipment at DAA comprises 32 machines from the TASKI by Diversey scrubber drier range including compact upright, walk-behind and ride-on models. The ride-on scrubber driers are efficient for cleaning large areas of the terminal building. The equipment includes compact and walk-behind models to provide cleaning staff with complete flexibility.

Largest Global TASKI by Diversey scrubber drier operation

Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) has selected TASKI by Diversey to supply all the floor cleaning machines for the brand new Terminal Two (T2) which opened in November 2010. The equipment comprises 32 machines from the TASKI by Diversey scrubber drier range including compact upright, walk-behind and ride-on models. These were selected to provide complete flexibility to clean the landside and airside areas of the terminal. Separately, contractor OCS has specified a further 54 TASKI by Diversey scrubber driers and vacuum cleaners for cleaning airside retail outlets. Together the two contracts form the largest TASKI by Diversey scrubber drier operation in the world.

“We have been very impressed by Diversey in a number of areas,” says John Lyons, Business Specialist for the Facilities Team at DAA. “They demonstrated innovation, a forward vision of the industry and a willingness to work with us to achieve what we wanted.”

Aer Lingus, Etihad Airways, US Airways, Delta Air Lines and Continental Airlines have moved to Terminal 2 which can accommodate up to 15 million passengers a year. Uniquely outside the American continent, it offers US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) facilities. All departing passengers to the US can clear not only US immigration, a service that has been available for some time, but also full US customs and agriculture controls. This capability enables airlines to fly direct to regional destinations in the US.

The three buildings in the new complex cover a total of 75,000m2 on two floors including check-in, departures, arrivals and baggage collection areas. The departure gate, known as Pier E, covers 25,000m2 and is 450m long. The facilities team wanted cleaning equipment that was appropriate to its requirement, cost effective, easy to use and sustainable. In particular it wanted to simplify processes and avoid the use of alternative cleaning methods such as wet mops.

Diversey secured the business after a competitive tender and evaluation of the equipment that led to it being recommended as a premium supplier by DAA. The company’s building service contractor and TASKI specialists worked with the project management team at DAA to identify the best machines for each application. The fleet will include the TASKI swingo 150 compact upright scrubber driers for cleaning the washrooms. DAA recognised that in these areas the scrubber drier would be better than a wet mop for picking up spills, removing water and leaving the floors clean and dry. Walk-behind TASKI swingo 855B, ride-on TASKI swingo XP and ride-on TASKI swingo 3500 machines will clean floors in all other parts of the complex. The choice of TASKI equipment will allow DAA to clean the terminal around the clock. On average every floor will be cleaned at least twice during each of the three daily shifts including an overnight deep clean.

“The joy of these machines is that we will leave the floors clean and dry which means people can walk on them right away,” says John Lyons. “Diversey understood that we would not be able to close down areas for cleaning. Working together we looked at different processes using their expertise and our operational knowledge. They explained the pros and cons of different machines and showed us how to clean the floors.”

The walk-behind and ride-on models have been supplied with the innovative JFit system that automatically dilutes cleaning product in line with machine operating speed as it is delivered into the scrubber mechanism. This promotes cleaning consistency and quality by ensuring the correct dilution is always used. Costs are controlled and predictable because floor cleaning solution is always prepared without any risk of overdosing.

“JFit is excellent because it cuts out waste,” says John Lyons. “Sustainability is of paramount importance for our vision for Terminal 2. Using concentrates within the scrubber driers and for general building care ties in with other eco friendly projects we are currently operating throughout the terminal. The JFit and Quattro Select not only saves storage space but saves money and the environment also.”

Everyone in the 138-strong team of cleaners has been trained to the BICS standard. Diversey provided training for the team to use the full range of scrubber driers so that every member of the team can work in any area of the site using any machine.

The DAA Facilities Team was so impressed with the Diversey innovation and after sales support package that they also awarded the total building care chemical business to the company. As a result Diversey is supplying its QuattroSelect dilution control system to DAA for preparing spray-and-wipe washroom and building care cleaning products used throughout the terminal. Six systems, each with four concentrated cleaning products, have been installed in cleaning preparation rooms located throughout the site.