Issue Date: 19 September 2011
Ref: DIV11/12

QuattroSelect is a wall-mounted system for larger sites using three or four concentrates. SmartDose is a highly innovative and convenient dosing system that supports daily cleaning with EU Ecolabel concentrates.
New interactive website helps users choose the right products for their cleaning task
Diversey is the only supplier to offer building care contractors and cleaning teams total flexibility to choose efficient and sustainable concentrated products for workplaces of any size. The company’s innovative QuattroSelect, J-Flex, Exact and SmartDose platforms can all be used with a wide range of concentrated products for spray bottles, buckets and scrubber driers for cleaning hard surfaces, worktops, desks and walls, sanitary areas and all types of floor.
Each platform allows users to introduce concentrates into their cleaning operations to achieve the best possible results with excellent sustainability, safety, efficiency and overall cost-in-use. Diversey’s new interactive website at www.diverseyconcentrates.com helps users to choose the right product for their particular application by answering a few simple questions.
QuattroSelect is a wall-mounted system for larger sites using three or four concentrates. The lockable cabinet accommodates four ergonomic and easy-to-handle concentrate pouches. Products can be dispensed in different dilution ratios for filling any combination of spray bottles at low flow rates and buckets and scrubber driers at high flow rates. QuattroSelect can deliver up to 2500 litres of ready-to-use product with just two 2.5 litre pouches.
J-Flex is a portable dilution system for medium sized sites using one or two products. It offers the same dilution accuracy as QuattroSelect but offers portability because products can be prepared at any convenient water point. Its concentrate bottles are connected to the supply and the product is dispensed directly in to chosen equipment with complete accuracy. The bottles are smaller and lighter than standard concentrates packaging which reduces health and safety issues and makes life easier for cleaning staff. J-Flex is an excellent option to introduce an efficient cleaning operation with minimum start up investment.
Applications which require control over product usage but where dilution control is impractical, for example because of lack of water connection, are best served by the portable Exact or SmartDose dosing systems.
Exact is a reliable dosing system that delivers the lowest possible cost in use. The reusable bottle’s unique cap automatically dispenses the same amount of product each time in the chosen equipment. This ensures accuracy is maintained simply and easily. Products in the Exact range are five times more concentrated than standard concentrates. They are supplied in one litre dosing bottles and innovative five litre cubitainer that can quickly refill the bottles.
SmartDose is a highly innovative and convenient dosing system that supports daily cleaning with EU Ecolabel concentrates. Its unique pack design incorporates a patented dual-setting dispenser that doses product accurately and consistently into spray bottles, buckets, sinks or scrubber driers. Three EU Ecolabel sustainability-certified products are available to cover all main daily building care tasks including washroom, floor, and glass and hard surface cleaning. A fourth product is available for disinfecting floors and other surfaces.
There are many benefits in switching to concentrates where water is added at the point of use rather than the place of manufacture. The amount of product stored and transported in any given size of container covers considerably more cleaning jobs than conventional bulk chemicals or ready-to-use products. Transportation costs are up to 20 times less and warehouse and on-site storage requirements are up to 22 times less. There is less packaging which uses fewer natural resources and produces lower amounts of waste. Concentrates are good for sustainability.
The accuracy and ease-of-use enabled by Diversey’s platforms help users to predict, control and save cost-in-use because products are prepared consistently to the correct specification for optimum cleaning performance. This means no under- or overdosing, no wastage and no need for time-consuming and expensive repeat cleaning. Careful design and co-ordinated colour-coding of products and platform equipment promotes safety-in-use and simplifies training.