Ref: DIV11/17
Issue Date: 22 September 2011

The Divermite concentrate system from Diversey is ideal for preparing cleaning products for kitchen and front-of-house cleaning.


The World’s End in Ecton, Northampton is one of the three pub-restaurants owned by Andrew Chapman that use cleaning products from Diversey. The group also includes the Olde Coach House in Ashby St Leger, Northamptonshire, and the Meynell at Hoar Cross near Burton-on-Trent. Each has a reputation for providing excellent quality and service and is popular with locals, tourists and business visitors.

“A key point for a successful pub business is a clean environment and to do this you need high quality cleaning materials,” says Andrew Chapman. “The kitchens especially need to be a very high standard day-by-day and when we have our annual environmental health inspection. We have a four star hygiene rating which we need to display and want to maintain.

“Clean premises help to attract more customers and staff who want to work in a good environment.”

All three pubs use the Divermite concentrate system from Diversey for preparing cleaning products for kitchen and front-of-house cleaning. The system’s dispenser is wall mounted for easy access and no plumbing or electrical connection is required. A sealed pouch of concentrate is inserted and a push of the dispenser’s button ensures the correct dose is delivered every time into a spray bottle, sink or bucket. The dispenser’s patented built-in repeat delay prevents accidental overdosing and reduces wastage. The risk of users coming into contact with concentrated product is also eliminated.

“The quality of the products and the training provided are the biggest factors in choosing products from Diversey,” says Andrew Chapman. “With other companies we might need six different products but with Diversey we only need four to cover the main cleaning tasks. These are simpler to use and less training is needed.

“The concentrated products are very cost effective and the dosing equipment is designed so that it cannot be bypassed which means it’s difficult to overdose.”

Diversey offers support and training to its customers that includes recommendation of the correct products to use to achieve the optimum cleaning results, advice on specific processes and training for users so that they know and understand how to use the products correctly.

“When we have new staff we call in Diversey and they provide the training for us,” says Andrew Chapman. “This gives us lots of peace of mind.”