Issue Date: 20 July 2011
Ref: DIV11/27

The TASKI Standard range comprises a complete set of mops for every daily building care application.

TASKI Standard range meets needs for superior performance and excellent value

The new TASKI Standard range of ultra microfibre mops and cloths from Diversey is designed to support building care and daily cleaning applications with superior performance, ease of use, reduced reliance on chemicals and excellent lifetime value.

The mops and cloths in the range are manufactured from extremely fine ultra microfibres. This maximises the overall surface of the mop or cloth which creates the optimum combination of static attraction and capillary action to clean and remove the highest possible amount of soiling from any hard surface. The fibres are also able to penetrate into the surface more easily than conventional cloths or pads to remove more dirt and grease. They can be used dry or with water alone to reduce reliance on chemicals and promote highly sustainable operations. This type of cleaning is popular in daytime cleaning contracts and other applications where building occupants and member of the public are present.

The TASKI Standard range comprises a complete set of mops for every daily building care application: the Standard Dry Mop is ideal for dust control on smooth hard floors, the Standard Damp Mop is designed for smooth, polished hard floors and the Standard HD Mop is designed for smooth and textured hard floors. The Standard Wet Mop is a Kentucky-style mop with a lower percentage of microfibre. This makes it ideal for wet mopping of heavily soiled areas and also allows it to be used with chemicals if required. All mops are 40cm wide for use with a comprehensive selection of TASKI tools.

The TASKI MicroStandard cloths are available in the four standard international colour codings – red, blue, green, yellow- to support all building care applications. The cloths are 40cm square to provide a generous working surface for highly efficient cleaning. During use the cloth can be folded to create up to eight smaller areas that each can be used on a separate surface to promote cleaning efficiency and productivity with reduced risk of cross contamination or transferring dirt.

The cloths and mops are guaranteed for a minimum of 300 washes as long as they are laundered in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations. This means that a single set of cloths or mops, washed once a day, will last for at least a year in most building care contracts. The complete TASKI Standard range can be laundered with Diversey’s advanced Horizon Light detergent at up to 95oC and dried at 60oC for optimum hygiene and lifetime performance.

The TASKI Standard mops and MicroStandard cloths are designed for optimum performance when used in conjunction with the integrated and modular TASKI Trolley system. The system’s range of 160 boxes, drawers, trays and other colour-coded components can be mounted in different positions on the chassis and configured for efficient and ergonomic operations matched to a user’s unique application requirement. The addition of the ultra microfibre mops and cloths alongside other products from Diversey’s extensive range enables operators to achieve superior cleaning performance while sourcing all of their equipment from a single supplier.