Issue Date: 17 August 2011
Ref: DIV11/33

Diversey's Soft Care Med is an alcohol based hand rub which is effective against flu and other viruses. Hand hygiene is critical to all infection control and prevention. Oxivir incorporates hydrogen peroxide and can be used on a wide range of surfaces for infection control.

Are You Ready For Seasonal Influenza And Norovirus?
Buy-two-get-one-free on selected products to support new awareness campaign

Diversey’s new “Are You Ready?” campaign launches in September to promote personal hygiene and surface disinfection across all sectors and provide customers with the tools to prepare for and protect against the seasonal onset of common illnesses such as influenza and norovirus. The campaign includes information, resources and products to help prevent and reduce the impact of these illnesses and is part of the company’s wider commitment to protecting lives.

To support the campaign Diversey is offering a buy-two-get-one-free promotion on seven selected products including Soft Care Med, Soft Care Sensisept and Soft Care Des E for hand hygiene and Diversey Oxivir, Soft Care Tex Des E and D10 for surface disinfection.

Influenza and norovirus are two of the most serious common illnesses which regularly affect the general population. All of the available data from the past five years shows that under normal circumstances the peak incidence rates for both occurs between November and February. In the UK, for example, it is estimated that 120,000 people suffered from flu over the winter and that up to 600 die. While the impact on individuals can be severe, businesses can also suffer through lack of continuity to their operations if employees take lengthy periods off work. If the source of any outbreaks can be traced to the workplace the business can suffer loss of reputation.

Both illnesses are readily transmitted by coughs and sneezes, personal contact and touching infected surfaces, especially during winter when people are more likely to spend time indoors and in close proximity. This is why good personal hygiene and hard surface disinfection are the two most effective ways to combat the spread of the illnesses. Introducing best practice and utilising the appropriate cleaning and hygiene products well before the seasonal peak will help customers to reduce or eliminate the impact on their own businesses.

“Are You Ready?” will include a complete range of point-of-use information such as posters, leaflets and other guides which explain in simple and clear language the best procedures and products to use for effective personal hygiene and surface disinfection.

Diversey has also relaunched its dedicated www.cleanerandhealthier.com website, originally developed in response to the Influenza Type A (H1N1) influenza pandemic in 2009. The new site has a wider range of information and resources about the commonest seasonal illnesses and how to combat them.

Diversey’s mission is to “protect lives, preserve the earth and transform the industry”. The company has extensive experience working with professionals in all industries, including hospitals and other healthcare settings, to help identify, develop and implement the most appropriate and effective cleaning and hygiene processes and reduce infections.