Issue Date: 18 April 2012
Ref: DIV11/46

Washrooms need to be clean to create the best possible impression for staff, visitors and guests.


Washroom cleanliness and hygiene should be important to any business because these areas are such a basic amenity for employees, guests, visitors and customers. When the washroom is part of the customer experience, for example in restaurants, hotels, pubs and shops, this is doubly important because its state has a major impact on perceptions and behaviour that directly affect the business. Research by Diversey, now part of Sealed Air, and others shows that customers who experience a bad washroom during a visit are less likely to come back and more likely to tell their friends and colleagues or give the establishment a bad rating on internet and social media sites. All of this leads to loss of reputation with lower levels of repeat business and fewer new customers. But maintaining the appearance, cleanliness and hygiene of a washroom need not be onerous if the right processes and products are employed. There are three key issues to consider.

First, the washroom needs consistent cleaning to a much higher standard that most others areas. The nature of washrooms and their often damp conditions creates an environment for a wider variety of potential soiling – from body fluids to mould – than most other areas. This leads to a larger number of different tasks that must be completed during daily or periodic cleaning to keep the washroom clean and hygienic than would be needed in, for example, public areas or office spaces. Basins, toilets, walls and floors all need to be cleaned effectively and with disinfection to eliminate and prevent the risk of spread of infections and the growth of bacteria. Multipurpose products such as TASKI Sani 4in1, Diversey’s unique formulation that combines powerful disinfection, descaling, detergent and deodourising performance in a single product, offer an ideal solution because they cover more tasks. Additional advantages include the need to source and stock fewer products which can lead to reduced training and storage requirements.

The second consideration is speed. Washrooms are used throughout the day and frequent, regular cleaning is the only effective way to maintain high standards. Cleaning needs to be efficient to ensure facilities are not out of commission for any longer than necessary so as to reduce potential inconvenience to occupants or customers. In practice this means daytime cleaning processes that are simple, effective and above all quick. Multipurpose products such as TASKI Sani 4in1 are useful here because they reduce the need to prepare and use different products for each task which saves time. Tools such as the TASKI VersaPlus enable quick and simple floor cleaning without the need for a bucket because the cleaning product is stored in a container on the handle and fed automatically to the mop. For even more advanced floor cleaning one of the compact TASKI by Diversey scrubber driers such as the TASKI swingo 150 upright or the TASKI swingo 350 battery model may be more appropriate. Scrubber driers have the added advantage of leaving the floor dry after cleaning so that it can be walked on immediately which is vital when the area has to be back in use as soon as possible.

The final consideration is the appearance of the washroom. Making the area look clean is vital but in these areas, above all others, the smell will also have a major impact on customer perceptions. That means the washroom has to look and smell clean and, ideally, have a pleasant odour. Of course the performance and effectiveness of the cleaning product is critical to this because it will remove sources of soling and odours. Many of Diversey’s products also incorporate its patented ONT Odour Neutralising Technology which chemically eliminates the molecules that cause bad smells rather than simply masking them with overpowering perfumes. In turn this allows the inclusion of a range of subtler, gentler fragrances which enhance rather than restrict the customer experience. Another product which is popular for use in washrooms is Good Sense Breakdown which eliminates bad odours using natural bacterial cultures. This non-classified product can be used on a number of surfaces including carpets. It can also be used to clean waterless urinals and poured into drains and overflows where there are odour issues to help remove the smell.

Many of Diversey’s products are supplied as concentrates for use with one of its dosing or dilution control systems, QuattroSelect, SmartDose, Exact and J-Flex, which ensure accurate and consistent preparation of cleaning solution for optimum performance, no wastage and great sustainability. This delivers the best possible results and low overall cost in use. Every cleaning situation is unique and Diversey encourages cleaning professionals to ask about proper cleaning and disinfection procedures and appropriate product use. With its comprehensive and integrated range of products and services Diversey offers organisations a single source for all of their cleaning supplies. This reduces the cost and administration of purchasing for customers and simplifies training for end users.