DIV12/10: Hotel Floorcare (5 September 2012)

Issue Date: 5 September 2012
Ref: DIV12/10

Daily cleaning with a TASKI vento vacuum cleaner is an ideal way to keep floors clean. Ultra microfibre mops can be used with water alone for highly sustainable operations.


The appearance of a hotel’s floors can have a significant effect on guest perceptions. Research conducted by Sealed Air’s Diversey business, and others, shows that hotel guests who experience poor hygiene might shorten their stay, be less inclined to rebook and will give lower ratings and fewer recommendations on websites and to people they know personally. Properly cleaned and maintained flooring will, on the other hand, enhance the guest experience and provide years of trouble free reliability. It therefore makes sense for hotels to invest in effective cleaning products and processes.

In general terms there are two types of floor found in a hotel’s public areas and guest rooms - hard floors and carpets. But there are many different materials in use and to get the very best combination of appearance, cleanliness and hygiene it is important to use the correct techniques, tools and products. Leading suppliers such as Sealed Air’s Diversey business are highly experienced in floor care and will be able to advise hotel operators and housekeepers on the options.

Hard floors are most often found in lobbies, washrooms and bathrooms. One of the main requirements, especially areas near the hotel entrance, is to ensure the floor is clean and dry. This enhances the overall appearance and helps to create the great first impression for new guests. Wet floors often look unclean and always increase the risk of slips and trips which is another good reason to keep them dry. This is even more important during wet weather and over winter.

With all hard floors, daily cleaning with a compact TASKI by Diversey vento vacuum can be supplemented with damp mopping to clean the floor back to its original condition. Ultra microfibre mops, such as those in the TASKI Standard and JM Ultra ranges, can be used with water alone for highly sustainable operations.

As an alternative, systems such as Diversey’s Versamop are ergonomically designed for ease of use and incorporate an integrated container that will dispense a controlled amount of cleaning solution onto the floor. This saves time and reduces wastage and, just as important, ensures that cleaning performance is optimised, to support improved sustainability and cost control. Systems like these are ideal for frequent and quick cleaning of high traffic areas and can typically be used with reusable or disposable mopping pads to suit the specific application.

For larger areas and where speed of cleaning is critical, often a consideration in public spaces, the advanced TASKI by Diversey range of scrubber driers offers an excellent solution. Battery and mains powered machines are available in a complete range of sizes so that hotels can specify the one that ideal for their own requirements. One of the major benefits of the scrubber drier is that it simultaneously cleans and removes water or cleaning solution so that the floor can be walked on almost immediately.

Scrubber driers can be used for every type of hard flooring material – including wood, stone and synthetics – for daily, intermittent and periodic cleaning although it is important to use the correct product for the particular surface. Diversey has a complete range of integrated floor care products that can be used for all daily and intermittent tasks.

Carpets are most often found in bars, restaurants, corridors and guest rooms. Correct care is essential to prolong their life and to provide guests with the clean, fresh environment they expect. All carpets, and upholstery in general, will benefit from a consistent, three stage cleaning regime using products from the TASKI Tapi range. Daily vacuuming with a TASKI by Diversey vento machine removes dirt and should be supplemented with planned intermediate cleaning with a dry foam to maintain the overall look of the carpets & upholstery. Spot cleaning can remove any marks, spillages or stains. The final stage is periodic deep cleaning to remove heavy staining and spillages using a carpet extraction machine such as one of those in the TASKI by Diversey floorcare range.