Issue Date: 27 June 2012
Ref: DIV12/14

The new TASKI JM Ultra range of ultra microfibre mops offers superior floor cleaning performance. JM Ultra mops are supplied in the industry standard colours and can be used with the TASKI Trolley system.

JM Ultra range can be washed 800 times

The new TASKI JM Ultra range of ultra microfibre mops from Sealed Air’s Diversey business combines superior floor cleaning performance with extended lifetime and improved ergonomics compared with traditional tools. The mops are guaranteed for 800 washes and offer excellent microbial removal to promote high-performance daily cleaning and hygiene with reduced cost-in-use in healthcare and other demanding applications.

The mops are manufactured using a totally new specification of ultra microfibre with finer fibres and a more open structure than has ever been used in this type of cleaning tool. The construction of the fibres ensures each mop has double the surface area compared with previous models. This means more dirt is picked up more easily each time the mop passes over the floor for highly effective and efficient cleaning.

The inclusion of more polyester fibres promotes increased durability of the JM Ultra mops which are now guaranteed for a minimum of 800 washes as long as operators follow the recommended laundry procedures. Individual mops washed daily deliver consistent cleaning performance for 26 months. When used in a typical three-day healthcare rotation system each set of microfibre will last for six and a half years. This results in reduced contribution to overall cleaning costs and more efficient return on investment over longer periods.

The ultra microfibre used in JM Ultra removes dirt and micro-organisms from hard surfaces such as floors when used dry or with water alone. This not only simplifies cleaning processes but also promotes sustainability through improved productivity and reduced reliance on chemicals.

Specially designed puffer sponges create a dual layer water management system inside the mop. This allows more solution to be absorbed and evenly dispersed across the surface of the floor for improved cleaning efficiency. The increased polyester fibre content also helps to reduce friction so that the mops glide across the floor more easily. This means that cleaning operatives can work more ergonomically with less stress and fatigue. Overall productivity is improved and there is reduced risk of injury to cleaning operatives.

JM Ultra mops are supplied in the industry standard colours: green for dry use, red and blue for wet use. They can be used on their own or as part of an integrated cleaning regime with complementary tools and equipment such as the TASKI Trolley system. This integrated modular trolley promotes efficiency and ergonomic cleaning. An almost limitless variety of configurations can be built - to the operator’s own specification - using the system’s range of colour coded tools, wipes, pads, boxes, drawers, trays and other components. These can be mounted in different positions on the chassis to optimise the cleaning process and avoid the need for users to bend, stoop or reach unnecessarily which saves time and helps to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal disorders.