Issue Date: 3 May 2012
Ref: DIV12/17

The new TASKI by Diversey swingo 350E ultra-compact scrubber drier is an advanced electric-powered machine. The compact design of the TASKI by Diversey swingo 350E make it especially useful for busy kitchens, washrooms and retail units.

Compact design of latest TASKI by Diversey machine is ideal for smaller applications

The new TASKI by Diversey swingo 350E ultra-compact scrubber drier from Sealed Air’s Diversey business is an advanced electric-powered machine that combines innovation and proven technology to deliver superior floor cleaning performance in demanding applications. Its compact design and round-the-clock availability make it especially useful for busy kitchens, washrooms and retail units that are currently cleaned manually but where the added flexibility and efficiency of mechanical cleaning can help to improve standards, save time, effort and money, and allow operators to deal more quickly with unexpected floorcare requirements.

The new scrubber drier is the mains-powered version of the current battery powered TASKI by Diversey 350E model. Operators can now choose between the full-time availability of a mains machine and the complete autonomy of a battery machine with identical compact design. Like all models in the TASKI by Diversey range it improves productivity, promotes better hygiene, enhances the appearance and prolongs the life of the floor, and supports controlled and predictable cost in use.

The compact design of the machine means it can be used in small and confined spaces. It is suitable for areas where the daily cleaning requirement is between 80 and 350m2. It can turn on the spot while the very low height of 45cm and folding handle allows it to clean under obstacles such as tables and racks. The offset configuration allows it to clean right up to the edge of the floor and along walls. Its spray bar delivers cleaning solution precisely to the point it is needed which helps to improve cleaning performance and reduce wastage. Low noise makes it ideal for daytime and frequent cleaning applications in busy and confined areas.

The machine removes dirt completely and leaves the floor totally dry and ready to be walked on immediately with reduced risk of the slip and trip accidents that are one of the biggest causes of injury in the workplace and public spaces. The brush pressure is over 30 per cent higher than the battery powered model which means stubborn floor deposits and debris are removed even more easily. A choice of roller brushes is available for different floor types.

The tricycle castor configuration and design of the pick up mechanism ensures that the innovative v-shaped squeegee blade follows the contours of the floor perfectly even when operating over rough or uneven surfaces to remove water, cleaning solution and small pieces of debris. Direct suction line eliminates risk of clogging. The pick up also incorporates an innovative and patented wiping blade in front of the brush that allows the machine to remove solutions from the floor even when operating in reverse. This means the machine can clean and dry areas in tight corners and against walls or obstructions. A wide range of tools and accessories is available to offer operators complete cleaning versatility.

Ergonomic design ensures the machine is comfortable and productive. Its intuitive controls are similar to those on other TASKI swingo scrubber driers which helps to promote ease-of-use for anyone familiar with existing equipment. The height-adjustable handle ensures comfort during cleaning even when operating along walls or under racks and tables. It is simple and safe to use and reduces training requirements to a minimum.

The TASKI swingo 350E scrubber drier is designed for use with the extensive range of Jontec and other professional Diversey floor care products. These are used with Diversey’s filling and dosing systems such as QuattroSelect, SmartDose, Exact and J-Flex to ensure correct mixing for optimum cleaning performance, controlled cost-in-use and no waste for the best possible sustainability.

The design of the machine and the use of the latest electrical and electronic components help reduce energy consumption by 60 per cent over manual cleaning. Robust construction and the use of long-life components ensure reliability and durability in the most demanding tasks. All service components are coloured yellow for easy identification during daily and routine checks and to simplify operator training. Each can be removed quickly and easily without any tools to minimise downtime.

The TASKI swingo 350E scrubber drier complies with the strictest regulations, validated by external testing agencies. It is supplied with a two year warranty with backup and support from Diversey including training, consultancy and technical services. Its compact design allows the machine to be stored in a small cupboard when it is not being used. The machine is over 30 per cent lighter than the battery-powered equivalent which means it can be handled more easily when not in use.