Issue Date: 8 June 2012
Ref: DIV12/25

The TASKI Twister twins Diversey’s award-winning range of TASKI scrubber driers with HTC’s acclaimed floor pads. The range of TASKI Twister pads is designed for use on all sizes of Scrubber Driers - including the TASKI Swingo XP stand-on scrubber drier

Industry leaders team up to launch new solution for cleaning and maintenance of stone and hard floors

Two of the biggest names in the cleaning sector have announced today that Diversey, now a part of Sealed Air, and HTC have created a new strategic alliance to produce an innovative cleaning and maintenance solution for stone and other hard floors.

Known as the TASKI Twister, the solution twins Diversey’s award-winning range of TASKI auto scrubber driers and single disc machines with HTC’s acclaimed floor pads which contain billions of microscopic diamonds that clean and keep the natural shine and gloss of the floor. This combination will mechanically clean and maintain floors enabling cleaners to provide a consistent high quality appearance for indoor floor surfaces while simultaneously offering cost efficiencies.

Drawing on the fusion of HTC’s deep understanding of diamond pad technology and Diversey’s unique floor care heritage, the TASKI Twister solution combines the use of any scrubber drier or single disc machine with specially designed TASKI Twister pads. A further benefit of the new solution is that it allows building owners and cleaning contractors to utilize the equipment already on site – eliminating the capital cost of the purchase of new machines and the expensive, disruptive re-training of cleaning staff.

The range of TASKI Twister pads is designed for use on all sizes of Scrubber Driers - including the TASKI Swingo XP stand-on scrubber drier - and is now available from all Diversey’s European businesses.  Locations likely to benefit from the new solution include a broad spectrum of commercial, institutional, retail, healthcare and hospitality environments. 

However, also included in the program are the new TASKI Twister HT (High Traffic) pads. These are optimized for everyday use in high traffic areas such as airport terminals, railway and underground stations, exhibition centres, supermarkets, department stores and shopping centres. In these types of locations, the TASKI Twister HT pads provide even longer, hard-wearing durability for better cost efficiency.

Sergio Pupkin, Global Facility Management Vice-President for Diversey welcomed the launch commenting: "This is a bold new strategic alliance. We see huge potential upside in the stone floor cleaning sector and we believe this collaboration with HTC will make our respective products more attractive to customers as well as substantially improving the quality of the products both companies offer to our respective customers.”

Robert Kreicberg, General Manager HTC Cleaning Technology, says: "The co-operation with Diversey is a major step for HTC. Due to Diversey´s expertise and logistic network, pads are now available in many countries and global operating customers can now source the innovative Twister Diamond Cleaning Technology from one global partner."

Diversey (www.diversey.com) is a business unit of Sealed Air Corp., a leader in food and other protective packaging solutions. Sealed Air recently completed its acquisition of Diversey, creating a new global leader in food safety and security, facility hygiene and product protection.

About Sealed AirSealed Air is the new global leader in food safety and security, facility hygiene and product protection. With widely recognized and inventive brands such as Bubble Wrap® brand cushioning, Cryovac® brand food packaging solutions and Diversey® brand cleaning and hygiene solutions, Sealed Air offers efficient and sustainable solutions that create business value for customers, enhance the quality of life for consumers and provide a cleaner and healthier environment for future generations. Sealed Air generated revenue of $8.1 billion in 2011 and has approximately 26,000 employees who serve customers in 175 countries.

About HTC Sweden AB
HTC Sweden is a fast growing company that was founded in 1987 by Håkan and Gunn Thysell. In 1992 HTC Sweden launched a patent pending system for grinding concrete. Today HTC is the market leader within diamond-based floor grinding and cleaning. HTC has developed unique floor solutions within polished concrete, e.g HTC Superfloor™ and 2005 was the unique diamond cleaning system Twister™ introduced. The head office along with production and product development is located in Söderköping. Subsidiaries operate in USA, Germany, England and France, and since 1st of January 2012, Twister™ is handled by the new subsidiary HTC Cleaning Technology AB. 3i group are minority owners in HTC since August 2006. 3i is a world leader in private equity and venture capital and focuses on investing minority stakes in high growth companies expanding organically or through acquisition.