DIV12/47: Biggest & Most Productive Scrubber Drier (20 November 2012)

Issue Date: 20 November 2012
Ref: DIV12/47

The new TASKI swingo 5000 scrubber drier is the largest and most advanced floor care machine ever produced by Sealed Air’s Diversey business. The new TASKI swingo 5000 scrubber drier is ideal for large open areas including airports. The new TASKI swingo 5000 scrubber drier is ideal for floors in shopping centres and other large buildings. The new TASKI swingo 5000 scrubber drier is ideal for working inside supermarkets and other retail premises.


Powerful performance for the largest floors
Cleans up to 7895m2 an hour
Fewer time-consuming stops for refills
Reduced product and water consumption

The new TASKI swingo 5000 scrubber drier is the largest and most advanced floor care machine ever produced by Sealed Air’s Diversey business. This battery powered ride-on machine offers powerful performance to clean the largest floors quickly in the most intensive applications such as airports, railways stations, hospitals, supermarkets, conference centres and any other building where it is important to maintain and enhance the appearance of a large floor. This is the largest TASKI by Diversey scrubber drier and, like all models in the range, it offers a number of performance, productivity and sustainability benefits.

The scrubber drier’s wide working width of 105cm and fast cleaning speed of 7.5Km/h combine to promote productivity and help operators achieve significant time savings over otherwise comparable machines. Up to 7895m2 of floor can be cleaned every hour with more area covered during each pass of the machine. It can be used with a complete range of accessories including the new TASKI Twister pads so that operators can specify the ideal solution for the best results and productivity on their specific type of floor and application. The large 200 litre capacity tank further promotes productivity because it reduces the number and frequency of time-consuming filling stops. This means that operators can clean bigger floors better and faster.

The unique, patented all-wheel steering makes the machine very agile with a tight 200cm turning circle and excellent manoeuvrability in congested areas. An extremely low noise level and a special ECO mode with additional noise reduction help make the machine ideal for daytime cleaning in sound-sensitive areas. The ergonomic design with low operator access, an adjustable seat with high seatback and a new design of accelerator pedal promote safe operation and comfort.

The machine is designed for excellent cleaning and perfect drying results. Its innovative, patented W-shaped squeegee follows the floor profile and removes more than 99 per cent of water in curves, while turning and even on difficult floors such as tiles with deep grouts or surfaces that are uneven or structured. Special squeegee blades and a direct suction line allow pick-up of small debris without clogging. Excellent deflection of the 129cm-wide squeegee allows the machine to clean close to walls and around obstacles. The squeegee remains in contact with the floor at all times without any adjustment. The result is a clean and dry floor which can be walked on almost immediately, ideal for daytime cleaning and other applications where public access needs to be maintained. Keeping the floor clean and dry in this way reduces the risk of slips, one of the biggest causes of accidents in the workplace and public areas.

The new scrubber drier saves up to 50 per cent of cleaning solution compared to comparable conventional machines because of its patented TASKI IntelliFlow system. This automatically adjusts the amount of solution being used to match the machine’s speed. No puddles are left on the floor even when slowing down to turn corners. Further sustainability benefits and cost savings are made if the machine is equipped with the TASKI IntelliDose dilution control system. This utilises pouches of highly sustainable super concentrate product which the system accurately delivers direct to the pipes supplying water to the scrubber mechanism. The concentration of the product applied to the floor is always accurate and to the correct specification for superior cleaning performance with no wastage. There is no need to prepare solution before starting work, or to rinse the tank afterwards, which eliminates product wastage and saves time before and after the shift. Pouches containing different products for a range of applications and floor types can be swapped easily. These remain safely sealed when not mounted in the machine and can be reused whenever required. This promotes safety when handling, eliminates product wastage and improves productivity by eliminating time spent preparing solutions during or prior to work.

The use of advanced materials and long life components promotes machine uptime while minimising service and repair costs. The newly-designed squeegee and brush coupling/uncoupling simplifies machine preparation and maintenance. These components can also be removed without touching the brushes and pads which enhances operator safety, especially in applications where broken glass or other sharp items could be collected. Routine and daily tasks are simplified by a number of features also found on other TASKI machines. For example, all parts needing frequent maintenance checks, such as squeegee, brushes and filters, are coloured yellow for easy identification and simpler operator training, and can be removed without tools.

Operator convenience and productivity is enhanced with an innovative Start/Stop function. This allows all machine settings including solution flow level, brush pressure and ECO mode to be stored at the push of a button at the end of a cleaning operation. These saved settings are automatically used when the machine is restarted so that cleaning can commence immediately.

The TASKI swingo 5000 is available with a number of battery options. Depending on battery choice and the type of application the machine can operate for up to six hours between recharges, enough for a full working day. An on-board charger incorporates a management system which monitors the charging process. During machine operations it also prevents deep discharge which could potentially damage the battery or limit its working life.