DIV13/06: EU Ecolabel Super Concentrates - Sustainably Smarter Building Care (17 May 2013)

Issue Date: 17 May 2013
Ref: DIV13/06

TASKI Jontec 300 Pur-Eco in SmartDose. TASKI Sprint 200 Pur-Eco in SmartDose. EU Ecolabel logo.

Complete Building Care Range with EU Ecolabel & Nordic Swan

Building care and cleaning teams wanting to adopt and demonstrate the highest sustainability standards by using products conforming to the latest EU Ecolabel and Nordic Swan certification can specify the new TASKI Pur-Eco range from Sealed Air’s Diversey business. This advanced range comprises four products with innovative non-classified formulations covering all routine and daily cleaning tasks. Each is available as super concentrates in the Diversey SmartDose platform to further promote sustainability with reduced packaging, CO2 emissions, water consumption and product wastage.

The internationally-recognised EU Ecolabel and Nordic Swan labels provide assurance that a product has passed rigorous independent testing and meets strict sustainability and safety criteria. Diversey used its market experience and understanding to develop reformulated products which comply with the very latest EU Ecolabel requirements while offering the same superior performance, ease of use and safe operation as its other ranges.

TASKI Pur-Eco fulfils demand from in-house cleaning teams, building service contractors and facilities management providers for demonstrably sustainable cleaning operations to support their own and customers’ policies. Three TASKI Pur-Eco products – TASKI Sani Cid Pur-Eco acidic washroom, TASKI Sprint 200 Pur-Eco multipurpose/multi-surface, and TASKI Jontec 300 Pur-Eco floor - have been reformulated and re-certified to ensure continued compliance while the TASKI Sani 100 Pur-Eco neutral washroom cleaner has been introduced to ensure the range covers all routine and daily cleaning tasks.

SmartDose builds on the sustainable formulation of the TASKI Pur-Eco range with further benefits derived from its use of super concentrates. It offers a simple, effective and safe way to introduce super concentrates into any cleaning operation in the shortest possible time and at minimal capital cost. It is also ideal when space is limited, connection to a water supply is impractical or complete portability is required.

Like all super concentrates, with SmartDose water is only added at the point of use which minimises chemical miles and reduces storage and handling costs because more product is contained in a pack than comparable volumes of conventional and ready-to-use alternatives.

The unique and innovative SmartDose pack incorporates a patented dual-setting dispenser that doses product accurately and consistently when preparing solutions for spray bottles, buckets and floor cleaning machines. The user selects one of two dosage levels by turning the patented head mechanism to the side indicated by easy-to-read icons. The head is pulled upwards to prime the integral pump and pressed down to deliver a precise amount of concentrate. This enables control over product usage for superior cleaning with reduced wastage, predictable cost-in-use and enhanced productivity.

Each container of TASKI Sprint 200 Pur-Eco, for example, prepares 280 500ml trigger bottles. These cost much less than professional ready-to-use products supplied by distributors and wholesalers.

The dosing mechanism creates a closed system to eliminate the risk of leaks, prevent unauthorised refills and minimise exposure to concentrated product for the best possible safety. No installation is required which avoids issues related to water regulations. The container’s integrated handle and compact design make it easy to carry to the point of use. This helps make SmartDose ideal for decentralised operations and use with integrated trolley systems.

The compact SmartDose pack further promotes sustainability because it helps reduce plastics consumed by up to 92%, packaging by up to 95% and CO2 emissions by up to 95% compared with conventional bulk or ready-to-use products. The design ensures 100% of product is used which reduces wastage by up to 70% compared with traditional products and there is no need to rinse the container after use. The container itself is 100 per cent recyclable.

Like all Diversey products, the TASKI Pur-Eco range is supplied in industry-standard colour-coded packaging which matches tools and equipment to support simpler training and ease of use. The range fulfils all daily building care tasks and can be used alongside other Diversey products available in SmartDose including the Suma kitchen hygiene range and the innovative TASKI Sani 4in1 washroom disinfectant/cleaner. In this way users can standardise on the same super concentrate platform to achieve greater levels of consistency, simplicity and sustainability throughout their business.