DIV13/14: The Complete Package for Superior and Sustainable Floorcare (27 June 2013)

Issue Date: 27 June 2013
Ref: DIV13/14

TASKI scrubber driers are ideal for cleaning large areas quickly and efficiently. For daily floor care, an ideal choice is new TASKI Jontec 300 Pur-Eco, a highly sustainable product with EU Ecolabel and Nordic Swan certifiaction and available in platforms including SmartDose and QuattroSelect.


The combination of advanced TASKI scrubber driers and floorcare products with EU Flower and Nordic Swan certification from Sealed Air’s Diversey business offers building care and facilities management providers superior performance in an integrated, sustainable and cost-efficient package.

The best results always start with specifying the right product. For daily floor care, an ideal choice is new TASKI Jontec 300 Pur-Eco. This low-foaming neutral cleaner is suitable for frequent use on all types of water-resistant hard floors. It is formulated to remove a wide range of soils and stains at low concentrations, leaves no residues and prevents build-up. The formulation is pH-neutral which means it will not affect the surface being cleaned.

The product is part of the all-new TASKI Pur-Eco range which fulfils demand from cleaning teams, building service contractors and facilities management providers for demonstrably sustainable cleaning operations to support their own and customers’ policies. All products in the range carry the internationally-recognised EU Ecolabel and Nordic Swan labels to provide assurance they have passed rigorous independent testing and meet strict sustainability and safety criteria. Each product is also manufactured in compliance with the AISE Charter for Sustainable Cleaning.

Jontec 300 Pur-Eco is available in a number of Diversey super concentrate platforms, including SmartDose and QuattroSelect, but is ideally used with an advanced TASKI scrubber drier. The range comprises compact, walk-behind and ride-on models suitable for every floor care application from smaller areas such as kitchens and washrooms up the largest spaces like those found in supermarkets and airports. Every model in the range offers superior performance to cover large areas quickly and with reduced need for repeat cleaning which promotes productivity and reduces operating costs. The very highest levels of sustainability and lowest cost-in-use are realised when the TASKI machine is equipped with features such as IntelliFlow and IntelliDose.

The patented TASKI IntelliFlow system automatically adjusts the amount of solution being used to match the machine’s speed. This can reduce water and product consumption by up to 50 per cent. No puddles are left on the floor, even when slowing down to turn corners. The patented squeegee design and direct suction pick-up ensures 99 per cent of solution is always removed to leave the floor ready for use.

TASKI IntelliDose is a dilution control system that utilises pouches of super concentrate product, including TASKI Jontec 300 Pur-Eco, delivered directly into the pipe supplying water to the scrubber mechanism. The concentration of the solution applied to the floor is always accurate and to the correct specification with no wastage. There is no need to prepare solution before starting work, or to rinse the tank afterwards, which eliminates wastage and saves time. Pouches containing different products can be swapped easily, remain safely sealed when not installed and can be reused. This promotes safety when handling, eliminates wastage and improves productivity by avoiding time spent preparing solutions during or prior to work. Intellidose uses 90 per cent less packaging than conventional chemicals. The low dilution required by TASKI formulations and the accuracy and consistency enabled by IntelliFlow and IntelliDose mean a single pouch of product can clean up to 30,000m2.

The combination of TASKI machine and products such as TASKI Jontec 300 Pur-Eco offers significant productivity, performance and sustainability savings over the working life of the equipment. These “whole-life-costs” should always be considered when choosing floorcare machines because the consistency and reliability that results from making the right decision leads to predictable and lower costs over many years. TASKI machines are certified under the Government’s Water Technology Listing which means they qualify for additional capital allowances and therefore offer even better value.