DIV13/21: Simpler All Year Round Cleaning To Protect Your Business (13 June 2013)

Issue Date: 13 June 2013
Ref: DIV13/21

Oxivir Plus is available in convenient ready-to-use trigger bottles. Oxivir Plus is available as a concentrate in the popular J-Flex platform.

Oxivir Plus offers superior cleaning and infection prevention in one product

Hospitality venues such as hotels, guest houses and cruise ships can introduce simpler all-year-round cleaning that delivers improved appearance with reduced risk of infections by adopting the unique new dual-action Oxivir Plus from Sealed Air’s Diversey business. This powerful and fast-acting cleaner-disinfectant provides superior cleaning performance while preventing and removing a wide range of infections and micro-organisms that represent a serious risk to a hospitality business at any time of the year. Its unique formulation and the way it works make it simple to use and safe for regular cleaning in busy and confined areas.

Venues that welcome leisure or business guests rely on quality of service and reputation to maintain and grow occupancy and room rates. Regular cleaning is key and operators need simple, efficient and economical products that maintain and improve the appearance of venues because this enhances business reputation and performance. But nothing affects reputation more than an outbreak of an infection such as Norovirus or Influenza. These are more likely to spread when people are socialising or spending time in communal areas and can occur at any time of the year. Dealing with outbreaks can be costly and time consuming while the long term impact on reputation and revenues can be hard to rebuild.

Oxivir Plus meets these demands with its simple “broad spectrum” performance. Used for daily cleaning it helps enhance appearance and removes the sources of infections before they have a chance to cause a problem. Its advanced capabilities and ease-of-use can promote peace of mind for operators, simplify compliance with agreed procedures and enhance an organisation’s reputation among guests and staff. It also allows operators to introduce highly visible cleaning that positively affects guest perceptions. Research conducted by Diversey showed that guests give higher ratings and better recommendations to venues they consider to be clean. Regular cleaning and rapid response to outbreaks therefore helps to promote a positive image and reputation.

The secret to the infection prevention and removal performance of Oxivir Plus is the patented Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide (AHP) from Virox Technologies in its unique formulation. The product is fully compliant with the European Biocidal Product Directive (BPD) and has passed numerous standard microbiological tests which show that it prevents and removes a wide range of infections and micro-organisms including bacteria, viruses, fungi and yeasts. Its combined cleaning and disinfection action also removes residual soils that can provide a food source for bacteria to re-colonise. There is no risk of creating resistance in pathogens because of the way AHP destroys viruses and bacteria. It also provides a simple and effective way to remove body spillages and contain and remove the source of infection during outbreaks.

Oxivir Plus is suitable for a wider range of applications than comparable products with quaternary ammonium or chlorine compounds as the active ingredient because AHP breaks down to water and oxygen alone during use. Users can now introduce safer, simpler and more sustainable procedures to optimise their daily cleaning operations. The absence of fragrances and dyes makes Oxivir Plus safe for most washable surfaces. It is Woolsafe approved which means it can be used on wool and other fabrics including carpets, curtains and upholstery. It does not leave any residues or stains or produce any potential respiratory irritants. This means it can be used safely with reduced risk to guests or cleaning staff, the surfaces being cleaned or the environment.

Oxivir Plus is available in 750ml ready-to-use spray bottles to provide users with the simplest way to introduce its superior performance into their cleaning operations. It is also available as 1.5l concentrate format in the popular J-Flex dilution control platform so that users can prepare solutions for spray bottles, buckets, cleaning machines and other equipment with complete accuracy and consistency for the best possible combination of performance, sustainability and low cost-in-use. With J-Flex, like all Diversey dosing and dilution control platforms, water is only added at the point of use which reduces storage, handling, transport and packaging costs for optimum sustainability.