DIV13/37: Simpler Washroom Cleaning (11 December 2013)

Issue Date: 11 December 2013
Ref: DIV13/37

The unique TASKI Sani 4in1 washroom cleaner from Diversey Care replaces four or more alternative products.

Simpler Washroom Cleaning

Washroom cleaning is an essential part of building care and facilities management. But it is probably not the most significant component of the contract in terms of size or revenue. Nevertheless, everyone in the building is likely to use the washroom at least once during their visit and its appearance can make a big impression and reveal a lot about the organisations running and servicing the facility. It is also important to ensure regular disinfection of the washroom to help eliminate the spread of infections among visitors, guests and employees. On that basis washroom cleaning needs to be effective to create the right perceptions and maintain heard-earned reputations but simple, efficient and economical to meet the cost-control needs of the service provider.

With all the tools and products available it should be easy to keep a washroom clean, hygienic and smelling fresh throughout the day. The challenge is to ensure regular cleaning is completed simply and sustainably without letting costs get out of control. A good way to promote high standards and keep costs down is to simplify processes.

The unique TASKI Sani 4in1 washroom cleaner from Diversey Care offers a new way of working by replacing four or more alternative products for simplicity and reduced costs. This means FM and building care contractors can complete all periodic and daily cleaning tasks with just one product. Less time is needed to train staff while during use less time is spent preparing and switching products between tasks which means staff can be more productive more of the time. Furthermore, its non-classified formulation removes the need for numerous compliance processes and makes it safer during use than many alternative products.

TASKI Sani 4in1 delivers best-in-class disinfection, descaling, cleaning and deodourising to maintain or improve washroom appearance. It can be used in all acid-resistant areas including toilet bowls, basins, urinals, walls and floors to remove soils, odours, lime scale and contamination. Like many Diversey Care products it contains patented ONT (odour neutralising technology) that chemically removes malodours rather than masking them with overpowering perfumes.

The product is available as a highly sustainable concentrate in the SmartDose and QuattroSelect platforms and in ready-to-use formats. Contract cleaning providers have reported better control over cleaning costs with improved results compared with traditional thick toilet cleaners that can be very expensive when used frequently. Additional sustainability benefits arise because this product is available in the TASKI Pur-Eco range with EU Ecolabel and Nordic Swan certification.

Products like TASKI Sani 4in1 can be used with tools and equipment for floor and hard surface cleaning. These include the TASKI VersaPlus floor mopping system, which can be used with any Diversey Care disposable or microfibre mop, and TASKI Standard microfibre cloths.

Standards are also improved by remaining well organised, especially as washrooms are likely to be checked and cleaned frequently throughout the day. Cleaning products should be stored together, close to where needed, so that action can be taken whenever required. In larger sites, and to support multiple washrooms, the integrated TASKI Trolley system is ideal for handling supplies (including microfibre tools) together to wherever they are needed. Items placed in the right position for ergonomic and efficient processes help avoid the need for cleaning staff to stretch or bend. Colour coding promotes proper use of items for specific areas. The trolley can also form a highly visible temporary barrier to the washroom entrance while cleaning takes place.

Trolleys are also ideal for periodic cleaning, problem solving and spot cleaning. In large and busy sites a high profile “rapid response” trolley can deliver a clear signal that the business takes cleaning seriously and will deal with any problems quickly and professionally. Periodic and problem solvers from Diversey Care include Good Sense Breakdown which contains ONT and can be used to remove the organic residues on surfaces or down drains and sinks that cause many of the bad smells found in washrooms.