DIV13/40: Preventing Smells In Washrooms (15 January 2014)

Issue Date: 15 January 2014
Ref: DIV13/40

The majority of daily washroom tasks can often be completed using just two products from Diversey Care’s TASKI Sani range, including TASKI Sani 4in1.

Preventing Smells In Washrooms

One of the trickiest problems to solve in the washroom can be unpleasant odours. Not only do these create a horrible experience for washroom users, they can also reveal underlying problems with the cleaning regime or the products being used. Poorly maintained washrooms are often cited by customers as their main concern when asked about the businesses they visit. This can lead to decreased reputation and poor feedback, ratings and reviews as research commissioned by Diversey Care has consistently shown in recent years. Bad smells can be the first sign that something is not quite right.

There are, of course, many obvious causes of bad smells in any washroom. It should go without saying that regular cleaning - ranging from daily in normal buildings to hourly in the busiest retail or food service outlets - will remove these. Products should be easy to use and effective while processes should be simple and standardised so that cleaning staff can complete their tasks quickly and efficiently and remain compliant with agreed service levels and procedures. These are the main objectives of Diversey Care’s Washroom Solutions programme which provides customers with all the products and support they need to achieve excellence.

What is often less well understood is that smells also arise when there is a build-up of residues such as lime scale. Bacteria can cling to these unsightly deposits and thrive, emitting foul-smelling gases as they digest organic material present in the washroom. Regular cleaning with mildly acidic products helps to prevent and remove lime scale which leads to a reduction in smells. Care should be taken to choose the right product for the surface being cleaned.

The majority of daily washroom tasks can often be completed using just two products from Diversey Care’s TASKI Sani range, including TASKI Sani 4in1 and TASKI Sani 100. Other products in the range are ideal for all remaining washroom tasks from periodic cleaning to problem solving. All products in the range use the same fragrance which helps avoid another issue that can arise when different formulations incorporate alternative perfumes that combine to create an overpowering experience.

Organic residues are also prevented and removed using Diversey Care’s Good Sense Breakdown. This innovative formulation decomposes the organic material with a combination of enzymes and other ingredients. It can be used dilute for daily cleaning hard surfaces such as wash basins and floors around urinals and toilet bowls. It can also be used neat by pouring down drains and sinks to prevent and remove hidden residues. Sani Mould out is another option for removing unsightly, and smell-causing, mould, mildew and fungus from tiles and grout.

Good Sense Breakdown and many products in the TASKI Sani range incorporate patented Odour Neutralising Technology (ONT) to provide further protection. Its active ingredients chemically neutralise the molecules that cause bad smells. Products from other suppliers typically mask bad smells with strong and overpowering perfumes. Products with ONT can instead incorporate gentler, subtler and consistent perfumes which enhance the ambience.

For situations where additional perfumes and instant odour control is required Diversey Care has recently launched its new Good Sense professional aerosol sprays. Five different fragrances in economical 500ml cans are ideal for day-to-day air freshening tasks or occasional spring cleaning. Like many Diversey Care products these also include ONT.