DIV13/41: Lower Laundry Temperatures Have A Bright Outlook (20 March 2014)

Issue Date: 20 March 2014
Ref: DIV13/41

Clax Revoflow from Diversey Care is ideal for laundry operations.

Lower Laundry Temperatures Have A Bright Outlook
Unique Diversey Care Products & Equipment Reduce Costs & Promote Sustainability

Businesses who operate laundries should appreciate the cost saving and sustainability benefits of washing at lower temperatures. But they are not prepared to compromise on results that could jeopardise their hard-won reputations by giving guests and customers an excuse to complain or leave negative reviews and feedback. Any switch to alternative, lower temperature processes must be supported by the right products and equipment. Innovations from Diversey Care meeting these demands include Clax Bright destainer and the Clax Revoflow dosing system which offer unique operational, cost-in-use and sustainability benefits.

Washing at lower temperatures saves time and money. Less energy is needed to heat water to the correct temperature so gas or electricity consumption is reduced. Wash cycles are shorter because less time is needed to heat water which means better machine utilisation and productivity. Finally, fabrics last longer if not subjected to high temperatures. Independent studies have shown that reducing wash temperature from 90oC to 40oC consumes up to 25 per cent less energy, increases laundry capacity by up to 20 per cent and increases linen life by up to 50 per cent.

One of the restrictions on washing at lower temperatures has been the belief that white linen has to be washed at 70oC or higher to maintain its appearance. At the same time businesses wanting linen disinfection have hitherto demanded high temperature products and processes.

Diversey Care removes these limitations with its unique Clax Bright laundry destainer. This is specifically designed for lower temperatures with a formulation that, unlike conventional destainers, does not contain harsh bleaches and whitening agents. Instead its innovative active ingredients perform specific functions with greater subtlety. It provides excellent hygiene at 40oC and has been shown to be kinder on cotton than typical peroxide destaining processes, extending fabric life for reduced replacement costs.

Independent tests in ISO-certified laboratories have also shown that Clax Bright kills C.Difficle and MRSA at 40oC, making it ideal for customers demanding the additional assurance of infection prevention. It is used with existing detergent systems in the same equipment and simply replaces old destainers so no capital expenditure is required. Clax Bright is available in 20 litre containers and can be used with existing laundry dosing equipment.

Customers who want to introduce new laundry processes with optimum sustainability, safety and cost savings can select the advanced Clax Revoflow dosing equipment. This unique modular system is the only one on the market to dose both liquids and powders with complete accuracy and consistency. The ability to utilise powders as well as liquids enables much greater flexibility with formulations, including for lower temperatures, to deliver specific results.

The modular design of Clax Revoflow allows up to six products, depending on the application, to be used in one integrated system. Products are supplied in compact containers that are lightweight and ergonomic. The use of super concentrate formulations in recyclable packaging promotes sustainability and reduces disposal costs. Clear colour-coding aids identification while an innovative cap-lock eliminates the risk of inappropriate use, accidental mixing and spillages. These attributes simplify implementation and training.

Key components of the dosing mechanism are built into the cap which means they are replaced with each new container for continuing accuracy and consistency. Clax Revoflow ensures the right amount of product is always introduced at the right point in the wash cycle. Accurate dosing leads to consistent results and avoids wasteful overdosing. It also eliminates inefficient under-dosing that leads to poor results and time-consuming rewashes.

The system’s compact wall mounted design ensures chemicals and equipment are moved off the floor to create a clear workspace free from potential slip and trip hazards. Intuitive LED problem-solving indicators reduce the need for training and allow staff to identify issues quickly and easily.

Diversey Care supports its laundry customers with a complete range of complementary services. Before installing equipment the company’s application specialists complete a Laundry Performance Check using a unique toolset to benchmark operations against industry standards and identify the right products and equipment to meet the customer’s requirements. The new installation is then designed and configured to meet these requirements which typically includes reduced costs, improved hygiene and better sustainability. Implementation can include a Good Laundry Practice programme to improve operational effectiveness, manage risk and ensure the best results by improving linen flow, wash processes and staff skills. Ongoing compliance monitoring once the laundry is operational assesses how targets have been met, quantifies savings and identifies opportunities for further improvements.