DIV14/04: Safer Floors During Winter (12 February 2015)

Issue Date: 12 February 2015
Ref: DIV14/04

Scrubber driers help keep floors clean and dry to reduce the risk of slips.

Safer Floors During Winter
TASKI scrubber driers make it easier to keep a floor clean and safe

Wet and dirty floors can be a common occurrence during winter when bad weather means building occupiers and visitors bring more water and soiling inside on their shoes. The challenge facing anyone responsible for building care is to ensure that the floor retains its appearance and remains safe. This is where a scrubber drier comes to the fore.

Entrances and lobbies can be a particular problem because they are closest to the outdoors. They often have hard floors which are more durable against heavy traffic and easier to clean than, for example, carpets. But while their hardness can make them easier to maintain it often means that any contamination will increase the risk of slips and trips.

This is significant because, according to the HSE, slips and trips remain the most common cause of major injuries at work, representing four in ten of all reported cases. Around 90 per cent of these accidents result in a broken bone. This means thousands of people are suffering unnecessarily each year. Referring to “at work” can be deceptive because the HSE’s figures include commercial premises such as shops and hospitals. In reality, around 50 per cent of all reported slip and trip accidents are to members of the public. Clearly building owners and managers have a duty of care and responsibility for the safety of working and public areas. Alongside the potential for legal action there is also the damage to reputations that can arise when a business is associated with any accident.

The challenge facing building managers is to employ cleaning processes that maintain the appearance of the floor and ensure it remains clean and dry, and as safe as possible at all times. This is one situation where an advanced TASKI scrubber drier from Diversey Care can make a really big difference.

The patented squeegee and pick-up mechanism used on all walk-behind and ride-on TASKI scrubber driers ensures that more than 99 per cent of the water or cleaning solution is removed as the machine passes over the floor. During normal operations this means the floor can be used as soon as cleaning is finished. There is no need for barriers and other temporary (and often unsightly) restrictions to recently-cleaned areas. This makes TASKI machines ideal for daytime or opportunity cleaning in busy buildings. 

The same attributes allow TASKI Machines to remove dirt and water from wet floors during bad weather. Running over the floor regularly throughout the day, particularly when it is raining outside, helps keep the floor clean and dry. Moreover, the machine can be used at other times for general duties.

This drying performance is possible because the innovative three-wheel castor design of the machine and W-shape of the blade combine to ensure the squeegee automatically follows the profile of the floor as closely as possible with no need for adjustment. The machine picks up water and debris across its full working width in a single pass which eliminates the need to go over the same area twice, promoting productivity and cleaning efficiency. 

Typically over 30 per cent of service call-outs for traditional scrubber driers are caused by blockages. TASKI machines avoid this potential problem by incorporating two large suction lines with clear runs to the waste tank. This reduces the risk of blockages and resultant unscheduled machine downtime or service call-outs. Any blockages that arise can be more easily accessed and cleared by the operator. 

Battery powered machines, whether pedestrian operated or ride-on, in the extensive TASKI range are ideal for this type of work because they operate independently at all times and do not need access to localised power sources. Nor do they use trailing power cables which can themselves present an additional hazard to users and bystanders. With a large number of machines, pads and brushes and cleaning products to choose from, all designed by Diversey Care to work together to deliver optimum performance, operators can specify the right combination of performance and value for their particular application.