DIV14/22: Diversey Care Gives a Hand to Hand Hygiene (30 April 2014)

Issue Date: 30 April 2014
Ref: DIV14/22

Give Diversey Care a hand to support the WHO's "Save Lives - Clean Your Hands" Day.

Diversey Care Gives a Hand to Hand Hygiene
Diversey Care holds art competition as part of “Save Lives: Clean Your Hands” day

Sealed Air’s Diversey Care division has launched an art competition as part of the World Health Organization (WHO) “Save Lives: Clean Your Hands” day.  “Save Lives: Clean Your Hands” day is a global, annual WHO campaign designed to highlight the importance of hand hygiene in combating anti-microbial resistance (AMR) and takes place on Monday 5 May.

The contest includes two categories.  Participants will either create a piece of art out of a hand-shaped template that can be downloaded from the Diversey Care website or submit a photo capturing hands.  The art should convey the theme: “creating a better way for life through hand hygiene.”  The participants with the most creative submission in each category will receive an iPad.  A team winner will also be awarded a lunch/dinner and educational materials regarding hand hygiene.

“Our participation in the ‘Save Lives: Clean Your Hands’ day is another example of our ongoing collaboration with the WHO,” said Dr. Ilham Kadri, President of Diversey Care. “We have worked together on many projects over the years with the goal of creating a better way for life for current and future generations.  We are pleased to work with the WHO to promote the importance of hand hygiene.”

All of the art received from entrants in each country, including the UK and Ireland, will be added to designs created by Diversey Care employees, customers and business partners.  These murals will be displayed in the reception areas of Diversey Care offices in each country to demonstrate Diversey Care’s commitment to hand hygiene and support of the WHO.  Submissions will be accepted from 5 to 31 May.

In addition to Diversey Care’s participation in the “Save Lives: Clean Your Hands” day, Diversey also supports the WHO’s “Five Moments of Hand Hygiene” and offers a complete range of hand care products that are simple to use and highly effective.

For more information on how to participate in the competition, please visit: