DIV14/30: Simpler Premises Cleaning (15 October 2014)

Issue Date: 15 October 2014
Ref: DIV14/30

Cleaning machines in different sizes can be matched to the specific application requirement. Larger ride-on scrubber driers are ideal for the biggest floors.

Simpler Premises Cleaning

Building owners and their cleaning providers, whether in-house or contracted, face significant pressure to deliver an increasing array of services to higher levels of performance and consistency but at reduced cost. One solution is to make processes as simple as possible and this can be achieved by working with fewer suppliers and selecting products that are designed to work together.

As an industry leader Diversey Care, part of Sealed Air, is uniquely able to offer integrated solutions based around any combination of its products, machines, equipment, support services and technical expertise. Extensive research and development ensures all products work with each other so that cleaning teams can consistently achieve optimum results and sustainability across their operations.

For example, its advanced range of TASKI scrubber driers can be used with any of its floor care products and pads so that operators can specify the combination ideally matched to the size and type of floor to deliver superior results quickly, efficiently and with reduced costs. Similarly, its ultra microfibre ranges can be used with or without chemicals, supporting complete flexibility when cleaning floors and other hard surfaces. 
With such an extensive range the company can advise on the best combination to use in any given situation without the restraints of a limited portfolio. A typical example of this might be to help a customer migrate from rotary floor care machines to the advanced performance of scrubber driers. Another would be to replace inefficient wet-mopping with ergonomic microfibre systems. In each case customers can cover larger areas more quickly, reduce chemical consumption and achieve better and more consistent appearance and hygiene.

Industry-standard colour co-ordination of products with consistent labelling and packaging helps to promote familiarity amongst users so that training is simpler and implementation costs are lower. With its international presence, Diversey Care supplies products with consistent multilingual labelling and documentation to support members of diversified cleaning teams in their first language.

Innovations in product formulation also support efficient and productive cleaning. The new TASKI Sani 4in1 washroom cleaner and the TASKI Sprint 200 Pur-Eco building care products, for example, are multipurpose formulations which replace four or more separate products which makes cleaning processes simpler. Supply chains are less complex and costly because items are sourced from just one supplier. Like many Diversey Care products these are available as super concentrates to promote sustainability with fewer chemical miles and reduced amounts of packaging.