DIV14/36: Improved Vacuum Performance With New TASKI Vento 8S (11 September 2014)

Issue Date: 29 August 2014
Ref: DIV14/36

The TASKI vento 8S vacuum cleaner is fully compliant with EU Eco Regulation 665/2013.

Improved Vacuum Performance With New TASKI Vento 8S
Model complies with new EU 665/2013 Eco Regulation

The new TASKI vento 8S compact vacuum cleaner from Diversey Care is fully compliant with EU Eco Regulation 665/2013 and offers increased performance and efficiency over the model it replaces with 15 per cent better suction and 10 per cent better dust pick-up. By building on the class-leading performance of its predecessor the redesigned model aims to deliver the best combination of performance, economy and sustainability.

EU Eco Regulation 665/2013 comes into force in September 2014 and stipulates that all vacuum cleaners must incorporate motors which do not exceed 1600W and meet challenging thresholds for dust pick-up and dust re-emission. Machines must also have labels which specify their energy consumption and other performance criteria, bringing them in line with similar EU regulations which already apply to omestic appliances.

The new eight-litre capacity TASKI vento 8S complies with the new regulations in full, as do other vacuums in the extensive TASKI range, and Diversey Care has taken the opportunity to redesign the machine to incorporate additional advanced performance features. The new motor, for example, is more efficient than the one used in the old model while newly designed floor tools promote even better dust removal from hard surfaces and carpets. The overall result is that suction is increased by 15 per cent and dust pick-up by 10 per cent compared with the previous model. Improved filters ensure dust re-emission is minimised.

This increased performance is delivered without compromising on noise levels. The new machine operates at a low 75dB, making it ideal for a wide range of daytime and opportunity cleaning tasks as well as routine building care.

Like all TASKI machines the TASKI vento 8S is designed for ease of use. Controls are intuitive and ergonomic to reduce the risk of operator fatigue or injuries caused by bending or stooping. The steel suction tube with a powder coated surface is comfortable to grip with reduced risk of RSI and more reliable than the plastic equivalent used on similar equipment from other manufacturers. Operators are less likely to need time off for illness or injury because the machines promote simpler and safer working practices.

The power cable is fully detachable which means it can be replaced quickly and easily to minimise downtime and service costs. It pulls out easily under tension to reduce the risk of trip accidents and to prevent the connection becoming damaged.

The compact design of TASKI machines also ensures they take up less storage space. The accessories are held in clips and recesses on the machine and there is a wrap-around cable tidy. This makes it easier to store and transport accessories, ensures operators can find them easily when needed and reduces the risk of items going astray. Maintenance and service points are clearly marked and easily accessible to encourage users to look after their equipment. This all helps to reduce initial training and ongoing maintenance costs.

All machines in the TASKI vacuum range are supplied with a range of accessories while additional items are available as an option. In this way each machine can be specified and configured for the variety of tasks it will be used for without the additional costs on unwanted tools. They are also designed and manufactured to be safe and sustainable. Manufactured in line with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances regulations the machines also incorporate components which are 99 per cent recyclable.