DIV14/39: Clean Larger Floors Faster With New TASKI Swingo XP (21 October 2014)

Issue Date: 21 October 2014
Ref: DIV14/39

The TASKI swingo XP high-performance scrubber drier is available in two configurations. The two new TASKI swingo XP models offer improved performance with reduced water, product and energy consumption. The TASKI swingo XP-R incorporates rotary disc scrubbers for intensive duty applications where a deep scrub is needed to remove heavy deposits.

Clean Larger Floors Faster With New TASKI Swingo XP
Two new models offer improved performance with reduced water, product and energy consumption for better floorcare sustainability

The all-new version of the award-winning TASKI swingo XP high-performance scrubber drier from Diversey Care is available in two configurations with a number of enhancements that make the cleaning and maintenance of floors simpler and more sustainable with water, chemical and energy savings. Both machines are designed for retail, healthcare, transport, government and education, and other demanding building care applications.

Successful innovation by continuous development
The original TASKI swingo XP machine was launched in 2006 and was immediately recognised for its class-leading performance with superior sustainability, receiving an innovation award from the CHSA in the UK. The new machines have been completely redesigned to build on this legacy with a number of enhancements to deliver even better performance. They have been shortlisted in the Equipment category at the ISSA Innovation Awards 2014.

Rotary disc and micro-rotational scrubber models offer choice
The TASKI swingo XP-R incorporates rotary disc scrubbers and is ideal for intensive duty applications where a deep scrub is needed to remove heavy deposits. The TASKI swingo XP-M incorporates micro-rotational scrubbers and is suitable for extended shifts where customers need maximum autonomy, a through clean and minimum energy consumption. It can save up to 50 per cent of regular cleaning solution.

Improved productivity
Each machine can cover up to 4500 square metres an hour. The 75cm working width and fast maximum speeds (6km/h for XP-R, 5km/h for XP-M) enable the machines to cover large areas quickly and efficiently. Stand-on operating position and compact design ensure the operator has complete all-round 360o view of the machine and working area for the optimum combination of productivity and safety-in-use at all times. 
The tricycle configuration and compact layout ensures each model is extremely agile with a very small turning-circle. This makes them ideal for working in in tight spaces and busy buildings and around fixtures, fittings and other obstructions. The design is also compact enough to pass through doors as narrow as 80cm (31.5in) and be transported in standard lifts.

The solution tank volume of 113 litres, around 10 per cent bigger than the original model, and the recovery tank volume of 140 litres allow the new machines to do more work between refills. The machines’ advanced IntelliFlow water management system is also designed to minimise the number of time-consuming stops. Used in conjunction with the on-board TASKI IntelliDose system this ensures the correct amount of water and cleaning product is always delivered at an accurate dilution, irrespective of machine speed, even when turning, for consistent cleaning to the manufacturer’s specification with no wastage. 

Sustainability savings
Sustainability is further enhanced with the TASKI IntelliDose system because products for different floor types and applications are supplied as ultra concentrates in compact cartridges that be interchanged at will. Product is only added as the water is fed to the scrubber mechanism which means there is no need to dump partially full tanks of unused solution or flush the supply tank between tasks, reducing waste and saving time.

The unique pick-up system incorporates a 95cm-wide W-shaped squeegee with patented design that removes more than 99 per cent of the water or cleaning solution during the first pass to leave the floor almost completely dry and ready to use. This means that floors are out of commission for less time and there is reduced need to restrict access. Keeping a floor clean and dry is essential for the highest levels of health and safety compliance to minimise the risk of slip-related accidents and injuries.

The new machines’ lower working noise level of 69bB(A) makes them quiet and unobtrusive in busy environments and helps make them ideal for daytime and worktime cleaning applications. The battery capacity of the new machines ensure they can operate for up to 3hrs 30mins between recharging. An on-board Battery Management System (BMS) prevents deep discharging to protect the battery life and prevent unexpected downtime. An LED Battery display provides the operator with a visual check of the battery’s status. The quietest operation and lowest energy consumption is achieved by switching the machine into ECO mode.

User-friendly for simpler operation
Like all TASKI machines the new models have been designed with intuitive and ergonomic controls that simplify operation and reduce unnecessary or unwieldy movements. Standardisation across the TASKI range promotes familiarity among users who can switch more easily between different models in their fleet during the working day. It also reduces training and implementation time and costs when new models are deployed.

TASKI simplifies routine and daily maintenance for the new TASKI swingo XP with yellow-coloured service points, a standard design feature across its range. This enables easy identification of key service points and encourages users to complete regular checks to maintain ongoing optimum performance and long-term reliability with fewer unscheduled service calls.