DIV14/53: The Smarter Way To Manage Cleaning (4 March 2015)

Issue Date: 4 March 2015
Ref: DIV14/53

SmartDose represents an ideal way to introduce ultra concentrates into any cleaning operation. The innovative SmartDose cap design allows users to dose an accurate amount of product in two different volumes, chosen by twisting the cap to one side or the other.

The Smarter Way To Manage Cleaning
SmartDose system delivers simplicity, consistency and low cost in use

Since the launch of the innovative SmartDose platform a couple of years ago Diversey Care has continued to extend the range of products available so that cleaning teams can standardise processes and introduce the cost-in-use and other sustainability benefits of ultra concentrates into even more of their daily tasks.

The initial SmartDose ranges for kitchen hygiene and building care have been extended with the addition of, among others, the unique TASKI Sani 4in1 washroom cleaner and the TASKI, Suma and Room Care Pur-Eco ranges with EU Ecolabel and Nordic Ecolabel certification.

The latest product available in SmartDose is Oxivir Plus. This broad spectrum cleaner disinfectant has a unique formulation which contains AHP Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide as the active ingredient. Products with this advanced formulation have been shown to have strong sporicidal and disinfecting properties against a wide range of pathogens with few of the drawbacks associated with chlorine-based alternatives. The active AHP ingredient breaks down to water and oxygen alone shortly after use which means products containing it are less obtrusive and do not produce any irritant fumes. There is also reduced risk of corrosion to fixtures and fittings which means it can be used on a wider range of surfaces.

The launch of Oxivir Plus in SmartDose means that cleaning teams can complete more of their daily and periodic kitchen, building care and infection prevention tasks with products in the same format, same packaging and same operation, all with industry standard colour coding. This simplifies processes and reduces the cost and burden of complementary tasks such as deployment and training.

SmartDose represents an ideal way to introduce ultra concentrates into any cleaning operation. Its compact pack size makes it easy to carry and there is no need for a connection to a water supply. This combination makes it particularly suitable for sites with dispersed cleaning operations, where portability or flexibility is required, or where there are no dedicated cleaning rooms. As such it complements Diversey Care’s other dosing and dilutions control platforms, Exact for smaller sites and J-Flex or QuattroSelect for larger sites with centralised operations.

The innovative SmartDose cap design allows users to dose an accurate amount of product in two different volumes, chosen by twisting the cap to one side or the other, as indicated by cap-top icons, before lifting and pressing back down again. This two-in-one dosing simplicity enables the consistent preparation of solutions in spray bottles, buckets or cleaning machines. It also reduces the number of different containers needed to support a cleaning operation which minimises supply chain, training and storage requirements.

Even greater savings can be made by replacing products for separate tasks with one of the multipurpose SmartDose products such as Suma Multipurpose D2.3 for kitchens, TASKI Sprint 200 for building care, TASKI Sani 4in1 for washrooms, and Oxivir Plus with its broad spectrum and multi-surface infection-prevention capabilities. In each case users reduce further the number of different products required but deliver enhanced cleaning performance.

Cost in use with SmartDose is not only very low but consistent and predictable. One 1.4 litre container of SmartDose multi-purpose surface cleaner, for example, prepares 280 standard 500ml trigger bottles. The cost of each is a few pence, a fraction of comparable ready-to-use or conventional bulk chemical alternatives.

The accurate preparation of solutions to the manufacturer’s specification means cleaning performance is enhanced and optimised with no wastage. Eliminating under- or overdosing ensures there is no need for repeat cleaning or additional rinsing to remove residues, which saves time and enhances productivity.

Like other Diversey Care ultra concentrate systems, SmartDose supports highly sustainable cleaning operations. Proportionately more chemical is supplied in the container than the same volume of standard concentrate, bulk chemical or ready to use products and water is only added at the point of use. This minimises chemical miles and CO2 emissions associated with transport, storage and handling. The design of the cap and container ensure all product is used so there is no wastage and fewer burdens during disposal. The amount of plastics used is around 92 per cent less and total packaging around 95 per cent less than using two five litre packs of standard product. All packaging materials are completely recyclable.

Introducing formulations into a format like SmartDose involves more than simply manufacturing products at higher concentration levels. Diversey Care’s research and development teams spend time to ensure that the product will give the same performance when diluted from the concentrate as the equivalent formulation in other formats. This is always important but especially so for organisations that use the same product in different formats across their business because consistency and performance are vital. Development teams also have to test and take into account other factors such as shelf life, labelling and documentation. Products are also tested extensively with customers in real-world settings before they are made generally available. Products are only launched when performance and compliance is assured.

The company offers full training to help customers introduce new products. Support from technical teams and application specialists aims to identify and resolve operational issues. As a global leader in cleaning and hygiene Diversey Care delivers all of these services from its own resources at local, regional and international level to provide scalable support for customers of all types and size.