DIV15/05: A Breath of Fresh Air With Good Sense Aerosols (18 March 2015)

Issue Date: 18 March 2015
Ref: DIV15/05

The new range of Good Sense professional aerosol sprays from Diversey Care comprises five different fragrances in economical 500ml cans.

A Breath of Fresh Air With Good Sense Aerosols
Five distinctive fragrances with improved odour control to enhance customer perception

There are good reasons why bad smells are bad news for businesses. Research by Diversey Care showed the link between customer perceptions and behaviour in places such as pubs, restaurants and hotels. Customers who do not like what they find often leave before ordering or completing their meal in a restaurant and are more likely to give hotels poor recommendations and low ratings. Nothing creates a bad impression as much as a bad smell and the Diversey Care research showed that the washroom, bathroom or toilet is often the most significant area for customers when forming perceptions. Pleasant smells, on the other hand, improve the ambience that leads to positive impressions and a better reputation. This results in repeat business and improved customer retention.

Smells are important. We have lots of words to describe a bad smell - including stink, stench, niff, whiff, and pong - which is not surprising as the ability to detect one is perhaps our most delicate sense. It is hard wired by evolution to signal something is not right and research has shown that we recognise and remember bad smells more easily than good smells.

The new range of Good Sense professional aerosol sprays from Diversey Care is designed to make it really easy to keep a business smelling clean and fresh. Five different fragrances in economical 500ml cans offer complete choice to meet the highest air control expectations and create the best possible ambience for customers and guests. The aerosols are ideal for day-to-day air freshening tasks or occasional spring cleaning and include special ingredients to neutralise the causes of bad smells rather than simply masking them with strong perfumes.
Good Sense professional aerosol sprays are ideal for every type of business. They are effective against the smells associated with tobacco, washrooms, cooking and bodies as well as many other common and persistent malodours. The aerosols are supplied in convenient and easy-to-use 500ml cans with a choice of five subtle fragrances – Magnolia & Mimosa floral, Toscane woodland, Mandarin citrus, Marine sea spray, Crusair menthol-eucalyptus - to improve public areas, bars, hotel bedrooms, restaurants, offices, and washrooms.

The aerosols are specially formulated for simple use and are completely safe for cleaning staff and building occupants. They have been tested to meet the highest air control expectations of all professional, commercial, industrial and institutional users. Four of the products contains Diversey Care’s patented Odour Neutralising Technology (ONT) which has active ingredients to chemically neutralise the molecules that cause bad smells. Products from other suppliers usually only mask bad smells with strong perfumes which can be overpowering. Crusair is specifically formulated for smoking areas and is highly effective at removing associated odours.

With Diversey Care Good Sense professional aerosols, high concentrations of gentle perfumes promote economy because a short spray provides effective odour relief. This means each container contains many more sprays for the best possible economy.

For larger premises and where continuous odour control is required, Diversey Care offers Good Sense Service. This advanced odour neutralisation system utilises pads impregnated with special active ingredients containing ONT. These pads are inserted into the existing air conditioning units as a way to deliver the completely safe odour neutralising agents to all areas of the building. They only need to be replaced every 12 weeks which means they provide convenient and effectively hands-free odour control in busy businesses.