DIV15/18: More Contract Cleaning Innovation From Diversey Care (24 June 2015)

Issue Date: 24 June 2015
Ref: DIV15/18

TASKI swingo 2100μicro scrubber drier. New steam cleaners from Diversey Care. New TASKI Swingo XP scrubber drier. 

More Contract Cleaning Innovation From Diversey Care
New products help teams improve performance and cut costs

Contract cleaners continue to face incredible pressure to enhance performance and service levels for their clients while at the same time adding value and reducing costs. They can do this by improving productivity, performance and efficiency with the right combination of cleaning machines, tools and products. Three recent innovations from Diversey Care support these objectives with a number of operational and cost-in-use benefits.

Revolutionary TASKI swingo 2100μicro Drives Productivity Forward

The new TASKI swingo 2100μicro scrubber drier is a revolutionary ultra-compact design that delivers the productivity of a ride-on floorcare machine in settings where pedestrian equipment is traditionally used. Its class-leading performance is up to 22 per cent better than comparable models.

Innovations include a unique offset feature to clean right up against walls, a capability unavailable on any other ride-on. This allows the machine to clean to the floor edge in a single pass, removing the need for secondary cleaning. Low-energy LED lighting allows the machine to work for longer without drawing excessive battery charge. This is ideal for low ambient lighting applications but also promotes machine visibility to raise bystander awareness and improve safety.

A unique “active sitting” driving positon supports the operator in the ideal posture and reduces fatigue while allowing easy access for maximum productivity. Machine speed is automatically reduced when turning to promote stability. The design offers full-width protection for the operator to reduce the risk of injuries. It can operate productively and safely between obstacles and is compact enough to pass through normal doors and be transported in standard lifts.

The machine supports extensive customisation to enable intelligent total cleaning solutions matched to any application requirement. In addition to a number of machine-specific options, any tool or accessory from the extensive TASKI trolley range can be specified. This helps operators to configure their machines to work autonomously on routine or bespoke applications without users wasting time locating and retrieving items.

New Steam Cleaners Enhance Building Care Capabilities

The second innovation is a range of five new compact steam cleaners from Diversey Care that offer building care teams enhanced cleaning, hygiene and infection prevention capabilities. They are highly effective for intricate and detailed areas such as edges, vertical surfaces and tile grouting that are difficult to clean with other tools and equipment. This makes them ideal for periodic and deep cleaning to refurbish and transform the appearance of facilities.

The new range includes a model with a chemical delivery system to accelerate removal of ground-in grease and grime. This can be used with routine and problem-solver products from the Diversey Care range including formulations to remove chewing gum and grout mould. Another model incorporates a vacuum pick-up that removes condensate and debris to leave the working area clean and dry. It doubles-up as a wet pick up during emergencies. The biggest model combines high pressure steam, detergent and vacuum functions in a single unit. The range is completed by two steam-only models.

Clean Larger Floors Faster With New TASKI Swingo XP

The third recent innovation is the all-new TASKI swingo XP high-performance scrubber drier. This advanced machine is available in two configurations with enhancements over the model it replaces to make the cleaning and maintenance of floors simpler and more sustainable with water, chemical and energy savings.
The TASKI swingo XP-R incorporates rotary disc scrubbers for applications where a deep scrub is needed to remove heavy deposits. The TASKI swingo XP-M incorporates micro-rotational scrubbers for extended shifts where customers need maximum autonomy, a thorough clean and minimum energy consumption. It can save up to 50 per cent of regular cleaning solution.
Each machine covers up to 4500m2 an hour. Its 75cm working width and fast maximum speeds of 6km/h enable the machine to cover large areas quickly and efficiently. Stand-on operation and compact design ensure complete all-round view of machine and working area for optimum productivity and safety-in-use. The design is also compact enough to pass through doors as narrow as 80cm (31.5in) and be transported in standard lifts.

The solution tank volume of 113 litres, around 10 per cent bigger than the original model, and recovery tank volume of 140 litres allow the new machines to do more work between refills.

To arrange an on-site demonstration or test-drive of the new scrubber driers or steam cleaners, or any floorcare machine in the extensive TASKI range, please call the dedicated TASKI customer support line on 0800 052 4567.