DIV17/37: Innovative Hand Care System Maximises and Optimises Soap/Foam Availability (20 September 2017)

Issue Date: 20 September 2017
Ref: DIV17/37

Innovative Hand Care System Maximises and Optimises Soap/Foam Availability

The new IntelliCare hand care system from Diversey provides facilities with enhanced control over every critical hand care moment for improved infection prevention and hand hygiene compliance. Its innovative design provides detailed information about utilisation, flexibility to deploy a wider range of products and dual-dosing configurability for different applications.

The wall-mounted IntelliCare dispenser is the industry’s first automatic hybrid design with touchless and manual activation to support total deployment flexibility. With hand washing being the single most effective way to prevent the spread of infections, the dispenser is designed to ensure uninterrupted availability of soaps and foams for maximum hand hygiene compliance. It provides automatic low content and battery alerts so that cleaning teams can intervene before these affect its functionality. Typically configured for touchless operation, it seamlessly shifts to manual mode if battery power is depleted to ensure continuous availability of soap or foam.

IntelliCare dispensers can be used with a variety of globally-trusted hand care liquid and foam formulations in the Soft Care and SURE ranges. The Soft Care range comprises a complete set of hand soaps, triclosan-free antimicrobial soaps, hand sanitisers and creams meeting a wide range of international infection prevention standards. Customers wanting to demonstrate the very highest levels of environmental responsibility can select hand washes and sanitisers from the 100 per cent plant-based, 100 per cent biodegradable SURE range.

Products are supplied in 1.3 litre pouches that contain more doses than conventional systems to extend intervals between replacement with less use of plastics per millilitre of product. The use of standard-sized pouches for all product types means that facilities have complete flexibility to choose, and change, the formulation that is right for the specific site, user and environmental requirements.

The IntelliCare system also offers dual dosing capability. By selecting low or high dose mode, depending on the setting and application, operators can optimise product usage for the best possible combination of hygiene compliance and cost control. The high dose mode is ideal for back-of-house applications where users are likely to be experienced and trained in relevant hand hygiene procedures. The low dose mode is generally more suited to front-of-house applications where users are less experienced and believe a larger amount of product helps ensure better hand hygiene. By keeping a lower dose setting in this environment can significantly reduce cost in use.

The pouches incorporate a large window to enable at-a-glance product and content level identification when located in the dispenser. The pouches collapse from the back to maintain this visibility and empty fully to reduce wastage. The tamper-proof design prevents contamination and allows easy and quick replacement. The nozzle is designed to prevent clogging and dripping to reduce maintenance requirements and wastage. Sustainability is further enhanced because all materials are fully-recyclable. The long-lasting battery functions for up to one and a half years and supports around 90,000 dosing actions between replacements.

IntelliCare will soon be connected to Diversey’s Internet of Clean platform. This connects machines, dispensers, sensors, beacons and other smart devices to enable remote monitoring of key processes. Customers have access to the IntelliCare app, which offers 24/7 expert hand care advice, online training and support materials and augmented reality dispenser location functionality.